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You all know that here at Amaia Kids we love it when children wear matching outfits. We adore seeing the little ones looking picture perfect in their carefully combined clothes, showing to the world that they go together, that they complement each other the same way their clothes do.

We think that matching attires for siblings always have an added touch of charm, an undeniable sweetness and an extra darling factor. Think about glossy magazines and society pages: you sure have noticed that their articles about royal families and celebrities tend to display pictures of the kids perfectly pulled together in classy coordinating outfits.

Ready to match post Amaia Kids Children Clothing Marzo Post

We already talked about it before in previous posts, like Pick and Mix Matching Outfits and Beginners Guide to Mix and Match, so we are not going to insist, but what we are going to do is show you new and different ways to create your own unique version of matching outfits.

Basically, there are three main variables to consider: pattern, colour and model. Once you identify them, you can decide which one will be your primary focus. And of course, you can then juggle and combine the three!

1- Pattern

Choose a pattern or print and use it for all the kids, coordinating it with selected accessories. You can do it in diverse ways, going for an unified look or aiming for a more subtle approach using separates and mixing them.

Ready to match post Amaia Kids Children Clothing Marzo Post

This stripy cotton in royal blue and white is perfect for boys and girls and it is lovely as an overall pattern – as in the girl’s dress and the older boy’s shirt – or just as a defining element in the collar of the young boy’s shirt. That little detail ties the outfits together and provides an unifying image whilst still maintaining the two boys differentiated age appropriate style.

The same applies to the yellow and white floral pieces, another example of how you can use the same print in a distinctive way, with one of the girls wearing it as a dress and the other one as a skirt combined with a ruffled collared top in white.

Or you can go for the total match, as in these adorable bright printed baby outfits designed as a set for girls and an all in one for boys.

2- Colour

So simple and yet so sweet, it is a favourite of ours. There are numerous ways to mix the colours to obtain a great result, and here you can have an overview of the most popular ones.

Ready to match post Amaia Kids Children Clothing Marzo Post

Identical colour: the two cherry red dresses are different models but both are exactly the same shade. A perfect pairing! You can introduce a slight variation by playing with the accessories, like we did with the shoes and hair bows.

●  Identical colour combination: this cute dress is exactly the same hue of blue as the shirt. The white details of the dress and the hair bow mirror the boy’s shorts, and both wear the same denim blue shoes.

●  Same colour palette: everybody is dressed in blue and red, but in various shades and patterns. The boy is wearing navy shorts and a checkered shirt whilst both girls are wearing dresses with polka dots, but the younger one’s dress is light blue with red smock and the other dress is deep blue with red pipping and buttons.

 Accent colour: this is a matching combination so subtle that you might not even realise it is one. The boy’s green shirt picks its colour from the sunflower print of the dress, connecting them and making it a great alternative when you want a polished look without an actual match.

3- Model

Choose your favourite piece and get it in the appropriate sizes, in the same colour or in other shades, either prints or colour blocks. This option works better when your children are close in age, and it has always been a preferred choice for twins.

These adorable baby sets are equally lovely in blue and red gingham, same as the darling party dresses in their yellow and green options.

Ready to match post Amaia Kids Children Clothing Marzo Post

Coming up with matching outfits is fun, it is creative and the result will be an unique masterwork of your own making. Same as your family! So go ahead and proudly display the special bond that unites the siblings, celebrate their togetherness and be pleased by the fact that their matching outfits are a reflection of their kinship, a nod to the unbreakable connection that will always keep them close.

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