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April is here, and this year Easter comes along. Easter is one of the most important religious festivities for Christians, who honour Easter Sunday with enthusiasm, but for many people it has also become a time to rejoice in the arrival of the spring in the Northern hemisphere. Easter and spring have always been connected, as both celebrate the new life. The holiday is in fact symbolized by eggs, bunnies, chicks and lambs, all of them symbols of new beginnings. Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life (S.D. Gordon dixit) and it gives hope for tomorrow, the same way after the winter it comes the spring.

Easter Dress, Easter Best Amaia Kids Children Clothing Post

Easter Sunday is a happy event, an occasion to celebrate together with family and friends by sharing the many customs and traditions that surround this day of jubilation. It is the time for egg decorating, egg hunting and egg rolling, for the Easter Bunny, for chocolate and many other seasonal delicacies, and of course for the Easter Dress, also known as Easter Best, the tradition of wearing new clothes on Easter as another symbol of renewal.

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We associate wearing new clothes in spring with Easter – the reason we call it Easter Dress – but the tradition dates back to ancient times and it was shared by different cultures, with the common meaning of new beginnings and good luck. Christianity adopted the custom and it evolved from there, becoming part of the symbolism of the festivity. As a fun fact, there is an old English proverb that goes “at Easter let your clothes be new, or else for sure you will it rue”.

The Easter Dress, understood as dressing up for Easter, has progressively lost most of its religious significance but it is still a fun tradition to look forward to. Here at Amaia Kids we have some suggestions to help you choose your kids’ Easter Best.

1- Consider the plans for the day

It is not the same to dress your child to attend an Easter Sunday church service than to participate in an outdoors Easter egg hunt. Opt for clothing that is appropriate for the activities, keep comfort and location in mind, and make sure you look at the weather forecast to customize the Easter Dress accordingly. Those shoes you lovingly chose for the day can be replaced by wellies and the children will look equally adorable whilst running downhill in the mud.

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2- Springtime calls for a spring palette

Easter attire traditionally reflects the colours of the blooming trees and the flowers of the spring, so think classic pastel hues. Bright colours are also appropriate as they add to the surrounding joyful mood, and of course floral prints are the perfect choice of Easter Dress as we celebrate the arrival of the spring.

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3- Layer like a pro

Easter Sunday is always in spring but the actual date changes every year as it is celebrated on the first Sunday following the first full moon after the vernal equinox. It can fall between March 22 and April 25, which obviously affects the weather, and spring itself is a season of unpredictably climate, so think about layers, both to stay warm and to look good. Choose bare legs, socks or tights depending on the conditions, and make sure you have matching jumpers and cardigans to complete your Easter Dress.

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4- Easter Bonnet time

A new fancy hat known as Easter bonnet was the traditional accessory to adorn the Easter Dress for centuries, but now it has become mainly a fun school handcraft activity for young kids. Nonetheless, you can still honour the custom and dress your baby girl in her own adorable bonnet, or you can opt for a more contemporary approach and choose a cute hair bow or a shiny headband.

Your celebration can be about searching for eggs and candy and waiting for the Easter Bunny, it can be about honouring the holiest day of the year by going to church and having a feast, or it can be about being thankful for the burgeoning spring and the daffodils and crocuses blooming around you. But in all cases, it is the perfect time to enjoy your many blessings. Have a happy Easter filled with family, friends and chocolate eggs, and of course, look your Easter Best in your Easter Dress!

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