January Sales: tips for success

A brand new year has just started and we are full of resolutions. We are still tired after the celebrations and we have barely recovered from all the shopping we did in preparation for the holidays. One might think that we would wish to stay away from any shopping at all for a while, but this is obviously not the way it works. January is here so that brings us the January sales. Too good an occasion to pass up! Ultimately, one of the best things about Christmas shopping is that it toughened us for the January sales…

Sales 2017 Blog by Amaia Kids children clothing

You have heard the joke about the two things that will improve a woman’s mood: “I love you” and “on sale”. It is an old one, but true nonetheless. If shopping is always a good idea, sale shopping is an even better one. Buying something on sale is a special feeling, make sure you don’t miss out. So gather up your strength and treat yourself to a little retail therapy: instant gratification guaranteed and effective immediately.

Now that you are ready to bag some bargains after the holiday rush, make sure to have a smart approach to sale shopping. Here we have five friendly tips so you can get the most out of your money, walk away with great clothes and avoid any post-purchase feelings of regret.

1- Make a plan

It all begins with preparation, as it is much better to have a targeted approach rather than wandering aimlessly around and buying on impulse.

The first and more crucial step is to know what you need, so take stock of your kids’ current wardrobe and identify the gaps on it, to avoid duplicating things they already have or not buying enough of what they actually lack. Determine which pieces are looking worn out or have been outgrown so you can replace them, and figure out which new items would come in handy.

Think ahead of any upcoming celebrations or special occasions that might be coming your way, as this is a great opportunity to buy the perfect outfit at a reduced price. This also applies to sourcing presents, so you might consider spending some time making a list.


2- Don’t wait

We know it can be tempting to wait for the prices to keep dropping so you get a better deal, but do keep in mind that pieces will sell out and sizes will go. So if you find what you need, get it now or you might regret it later, and all the more so if you are trying to put together matching looks for siblings.

Sales 2017 Blog by Amaia Kids children clothing boy girl siblings

It is advisable to differentiate between things you need and things you like. Buy what you need now when it’s available to avoid disappointment, and allow yourself to wait longer for the rest, having made an informed decision and knowing that you can either benefit from further discounts or miss the opportunity altogether.

3- Stock up on good quality basics

Concentrate on staples that need replacing, not only clothes but also nightwear. Do not focus solely on the more expensive items such as coats and dresses but also invest in other wardrobe basics like shirts and knitwear. It is a good opportunity to complete your colour palette so you can get more combinations out of the pieces you already have.

Sales 2017 Blog by Amaia Kids children clothing pyjamas

Buying for growth in the sales is a great idea, so think long term and you could save yourself a fortune. While it might seem ridiculous to buy an age two jacket for your three month old baby, it will still be a cute jacket in two years’ time and you’ll have paid a fraction of the price. Just make sure you remember where you put it!


4- Don’t buy it just because it is on sale

A big discount can be enticing, but don’t buy something just because of it. A bargain is not a bargain if you don’t love it, it doesn’t fit correctly or your child will never wear it. Don’t be swayed by the low price, and ask yourself whether you would have even considered getting this particular item if it hadn’t been reduced.

5- If you can’t stop thinking about it buy it

So we have a plan, are ready to act on it and get only the things we need without being distracted by the discounts, right? Well, yes of course, but now it is also the time to indulge and get that darling dress you fell in love with but couldn’t bring yourself up to buy because your daughter didn’t really need another one. She will look so lovely in it, and with a 40% off it would be almost rude not to grab it!

Sales 2017 Blog by Amaia Kids children clothing yellow dress

Bottom line is, follow our tips and buy sensibly, but do also follow your heart. You can always tell yourself that since you bought it on sale, you actually made money… Not exactly true, but after all, the beauty of sale shopping is spending less money whilst having more fun!

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Tis the season to be jolly… and relaxed

It is already mid-December and here we are, in the middle of the frenziness this time of the year entails. It is indeed a lovely time, but it can also be very stressful. In fact, December has been named the “National Stress-Free Family Holidays Month” in order to increase awareness of the problems that the holiday season can create. Combine seasonal family commitments, traveling, shopping, baking and hosting with everyday responsibilities like children, house and work and it is no wonder many of us become overwhelmed.

And the holidays aren’t just stressful for us, they can actually be stressful for children too. All the school, community and family events mean that everybody is busier, so schedules are changed and sleep is disrupted. Kids are overstimulated, excitement reaches new heights and they might even become anxious about being put in the naughty list if they are not good enough.

Amaiakids Christmas blog Tis the season to be jolly... and relaxed 1

But do not worry, we have the solution for the perfect stress-free holiday: forget perfection! Aiming for a perfect holiday is like trying to control the weather, pointless. Our kids don’t need a magazine-worthy holiday, they need us happy, in a good mood, living the spirit of the season and spreading love and good cheer. We are real parents with real children and we get real holidays, complete with messy kitchen, tired kids and the odd tantrum. That is the beauty of real life, after all.

So in order to make the most of this lovely time, we have decided to put together this Basic Stress-Free Holiday Manifesto. We are definitely going to try and follow it!

1- Remember the reason for the season

This is the time to get reconnected and to spend quality time together, as well as an opportunity for spiritual reflection. The holiday season allows us to spend precious time with family and friends, and recall former joys of past years when we were just a participant, not the responsible adult in charge.

Family connection will become our priority, not only shopping or events. Let’s stop and enjoy the moment, instead of getting too caught up in our long to-do list, let’s pay attention to the wonderful sights, sounds, and smells around us. It is a magical time, we do not want to miss out!

Amaiakids Christmas blog Tis the season to be jolly... and relaxed 2

2- Have reasonable expectations.

We all love to look at the perfect family holidays we see displayed in Hello! or People magazines, but we need to remember that we only see the final, edited result. So let’s try to manage our expectations and avoid holiday perfectionism as this most often will lead to certain disappointment… with the added value that if everything ends up being actually perfect it will be even more special!

We will find ways to laugh at what will inevitably go wrong, pat ourselves on the back and congratulate each other on a job well done, not just in December, but all year long.

Amaiakids Christmas blog Tis the season to be jolly... and relaxed 3

3- Make holiday traditions our own

Most families have holiday traditions, some simple and others quite elaborate. Continuing family traditions links us to the past, to the carefree days of our childhood when Santa Claus was real and Christmas morning was the most exciting day of the year. But let’s make sure that these beloved traditions work today for our family and bring us joy, and let’s not be afraid to change them or to create new ones. Sometimes just small adjustments might make our life easier, as we can adapt those cherished traditions to our actual situation.

Also, in our increasingly globalized life where a growing number of families include different nationalities and cultures and extend across several countries, it is always a good idea to incorporate and blend all those elements.

Amaiakids Christmas blog Tis the season to be jolly... and relaxed 4

4- Relax, chill, take it easy

Gifts to be bought and wrapped, greeting cards to be written and posted, decorations to be unboxed and hung, food to be prepared and served, homes to be cleaned for guests, suitcases to be packed, and the list goes on. The excitement of the season and the anticipation of the holiday will inspire us to get things done, usually by giving up leisure time and sleep. Let´s make sure we schedule some downtime here and there to save our sanity, avoid a potential meltdown and enjoy the company of our loved ones.

Amaiakids Christmas blog Tis the season to be jolly... and relaxed 5

5- Accept Santa’s Little Helpers’ help

Kids love pottering around in the kitchen. Obviously they will not be able to prepare the whole meal, but they can definitely help with age appropriate tasks. Let’s put them down to rinsing, cutting, stirring and mixing and enjoy some nice family time on top of the free sous-chef assistance. We can ask them to bake cookies and use them as edible presents for family and friends, or just have a good time eating them together. Our children can also be a great resource for setting up the festive table with some guidance, and of course they can participate in the washing up after cooking.

The same applies to decorating the house. Kids can be exceptionally creative, and holiday crafts are the perfect cold weather activity to keep the little ones entertained as they will be more than happy to create homemade decorations, each more treasured as the years fly by. The appearance of an ornament is less important than its meaning or the memories associated with it, so let’s appreciate the effort they put into making them.

Older kids can also help with writing the addresses on the envelopes of the greeting cards, do some basic grocery shopping, wrap presents, be on wardrobe duty when greeting guests… There is no need for us to do everything when we can take advantage of our very own little elves!

Amaiakids Christmas blog Tis the season to be jolly... and relaxed 6

So, this year, let’s delight in a stress-free and memorable celebration time, let’s be thankful for everything good in our life, let’s relax and love the holiday season for what its is, a time to enjoy. Happy holidays from your friends at Amaia Kids!

Amaiakids Christmas blog Tis the season to be jolly... and relaxed 7

Life is a Party, Dress like it!

It is the perfect time of the year to quote our beloved Audrey Hepburn, as we totally agree with her: “life is a party, dress like it”.

Every family celebrates the holidays in different ways, with some preferring small cosy gatherings and others favouring big fancy parties. Sometimes it is a combination of both, a small homely celebration one day with one side of the family and a sparklier event on another date with a different group of relatives and friends.

In any case, kids at the holidays are without a doubt at their cutest, as their excitement and happiness become contagious and all of us enjoy sharing their joy and enthusiasm. We love seeing girls in cute dresses, little boys in smart outfits and babies who look sweet enough to eat. It is part of the magic that makes this season so special!

1- What colour is your holiday?

With the city festooned in red and green for the holiday season, why not embrace it and replicate the christmassy palette in your kids’ party wardrobe? Holly berry red, evergreen and snowy white are a wonderful bright and cheery combination that will add to the festive feeling of the occasion. You can easily achieve this look by choosing some special key pieces and combining them into a fun seasonal outfit. Then you can use them separately outside the holiday season mixed with different colours, thus making the most of your investment.

Amaia Kids Children Clothing London 1Mia Girl look & Henry baby look

We are in love with the very aptly named Rudolph jumper, so cozy and warm, that instantly creates the sweetest picture perfect festive look. It is a unisex outfit, so you can mix it with the Chickadee red checked shirt and t-bar shoes for boys, and the Dove flowery blouse and mary-janes for girls. The red Magpie bloomers are cute for younger kids, or you could opt for green trousers for older boys. And the best part is that all pieces will become staples in your little one’s wardrobe as they will be worn all winter long.

Amaia Kids Children Clothing London 2Look baby boy

If you are not convinced this is your style and the total look is not your preferred one, you can still give it a try just by adding some colourful touches here and there. A shiny red hair bow or a bright green headband can instantly transform any dress into a cheerful christmassy attire with a minimal effort, or you can just add a red cardigan to an otherwise neutral outfit as a subtle nod to the seasonal spirit.

Amaia Kids Children Clothing London 3Hair Accessories

If red and green are not your preferred option because Christmas is not your celebration but you like the idea of holiday colours, you can pick something in the festive palette of Hannukah. Blue and white are a lovely combination for kids to wear, even if it is not necessarily part of the tradition.

Amaia Kids Children Clothing London 4Look in blue girl & Look in blue boy

2- Girls: Dress to impress

Tartan, tweed, corduroy, velvet, cotton? Long sleeves, puff sleeves, ruffled collars, peter pan collars? Back sashes, smock, buttons? Classic, vintage inspired, contemporary? Block coloured, printed? You want to make sure the dress is well cut, fully lined and made of good quality fabrics. Once you have that covered, to decide which one to get depends on your particular taste and the type of celebration you want it for.

All are darling, there is no doubt about it. Some are a bit dressier than others, perfect for special occasions that are more on the formal side, and others are equally appropriate for the festivities but you will get to use them outside party time as well.

For a formal party, the Grosbeak dress is an exquisite grey and black plumetti dress with a delicate peter pan collar and ¾ sleeves. The Pipit dress comes in a gorgeous pink rich velvet adorned with a delicate off-white collar, dainty lace details and a big sash at the back. Your little girl will shine like a princess and feel like one!

Amaia Kids Children Clothing London 5Pauline Girl Look & beautiful Pipit dress

For an equally sweet look but less ceremonious you can do no wrong with the Kind Bird dress, the ideal festive dress in a vintage inspired print with puff sleeves and contrasting red stitching. The Oriole dress in the loveliest pink and pale grey toothpick with an embroidered peter pan collar, mother of pearl buttons in the front and a matching bow at the back is another sure bet. The perfect balance of timeless elegance with a retro flair and sweet girliness.

Amaia Kids Children Clothing London 6Ariane girl look & Oriole Girl look

You can also opt for separates instead of a dress. The Alice skirt is an enchanting tutu skirt in pink with sparkling golden dots that provides an instant festive feel. Pair it with the Nightjar fur vest, a chic and cosy fur vest, for a very stylish more modern look, classy and contemporary at the same time. Both pieces will become favourites and will be worn frequently as part of many different outfit combinations.

Amaia Kids Children Clothing London 7Alice skirt

3- Boys: be the best version of you

For boys you have to decide as well whether you prefer a more or less formal approach. In any case, insist on impeccable terminations and quality fabrics.

A beautifully cut classic jacket is always a good choice to attain a celebratory look, and it has the advantage of being easily dressed up or down for further occasions. The fully lined Wheatear jacket in classy tweed in a neutral easy to combine colour or the Wheatear green jacket in soft wool will almost magically transform your boy into a cute small gentleman.

Amaia Kids Children Clothing London 8Juan boy look & William boy look

Otherwise a combination of crispy button-down shirts and knitwear creates the perfect dressy outfit. A blue oxford brushed cotton shirt is a classic choice, worn with a jumper or cardigan. Trousers or shorts are both good options, but we adore the look of little boys in shorts with knee high socks, as it gives the outfit an elegant timeless quality.

Amaia Kids Children Clothing London 9Theodore boy look & James boy look

4- Babies: you are never fully dressed without a smile

There is nothing sweeter than cute babies dressed up for special occasions, their smiles brightening the room as relatives surround them adoringly. Creating the perfect outfit for them is a fun project full of charming choices, but while you sure want to make your child look like the angel he or she is (at least most of the time…), it is also a good idea to stay practical.

For baby girls, dresses might look like the most obvious choice, but take into account their age. In the crawling stage, those beautiful big skirts don’t work too well, as they get caught under hands and knees and can even rip, so onesies and bloomers are a convenient alternative, equally festive and elegant. If you still prefer a dress, make sure you pair it with cute tights or a diaper cover, as the skirts have a tendency to not staying down. For baby boys, buy soft button-down shirts that look cute untucked, as they inevitably will be.

Amaia Kids Children Clothing London 10Ava baby look & Hugo baby look

For both, you want stretchy neck openings for easy dressing and elastic cuffs that keep the sleeves in place. Choose bloomers elasticated around the legs for a better fit, and do not renounce to stretchable waists that allow a quick slip on and off. Bear in mind that even the best shoes might not stay on, so sometimes you might have to compromise with bright clean matching socks or tights.

Amaia Kids Children Clothing London 11Ollie baby look & Annabel look

5- The secret to success: children are children

This is the most important advice of all: sometimes, no matter what, your kids will end up not looking exactly as angelic as you had wished for. At times the best you can hope for is for them to arrive at the party looking close to perfect, and that may mean putting on the outfit right before you head out the door… Then remember that part of the charm of seeing children dressed up is watching them get a little disheveled as the party progresses. Just make sure to take the pictures early on, and enjoy their unique way to add joy to every day!

Amaia Kids Children Clothing London 12

These were only some ideas, make sure you check our dedicated Christmas section in our webpage to get inspired, or come visit us!

Our Autumn Winter 2016 Catalogue

Amaia Kids Catalogue. AW2016.

Amaia Kids Collections always take inspiration from traditional way of dressing children and adapt them to today’s world.

The use of subtle colour combined with bright prints and trendy cuts create not only everyday wear pieces, but also dressy garments for special occasions.

Take a look, you won’t regret it!

Mix and Match: Beginners guide

Our last post here was called Pick and Mix: Matching Outfits, and it was about how much we love coordinated clothes for siblings.

We provided some advice on how to make them work, and explained why we think that matching outfits are adorable; we also acknowledged the fact that some people do not like the idea, and gently tried to persuade them to give it a try.

Amaia Kids Children Clothing

Well, fast forward a couple of weeks, and we are quite sure our team of matching outfits lovers has grown massively, thanks to the cutest pair of royal princes ever.

The Canada royal tour 2016 proved to be the perfect occasion for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (or William and Kate, as we all call them…) to present their children to the world once again, and the little ones really did live up to the expectations.

Amaia Kids Children Clothing

The royal tour officially started after the family landed in Victoria, British Columbia, and descended from the plane. George looked smart in navy shorts, knee high socks and a blue sweater as he walked down the steps holding his parents’ hands, whilst Charlotte cuddled into her mom in a blue dress and matching hair bow. We are proud to say the socks and hair bow were from Amaia Kids, incidentally…

The Cambridges took the matching approach to a new level, as the whole family wore the same palette of blues, showing a perfectly colour coordinated image in royal blue and navy that gained immediate public approval.

The Duchess obviously knows how to combine some key pieces to create a subtle matching look for her children: Charlotte’s hair bow and shoes were the same tone of blue as George’s sweater, and his checkered shirt combined perfectly with the light blue shade of the flower print in her sister´s dress.

Several days later Prince George and Princess Charlotte appeared together at their first official joint engagement in Victoria. This time they were also dressed in adorable matching outfits that declined the same palette of blues and reds.

Once again Charlotte’s hair bow  was from Amaia Kids, as well as her blue cardigan, which was the cutest royal rewear, as it used to be her brother’s! A perfect example of how good quality pieces can be passed down to siblings and reused to create a different look.

As we said in our previous blog, coming up with matching outfits for siblings is a fun way to dress them in a unique way, to make a fashion statement of your own. Mix and match, be adventurous and feel proud of the final result! If you need some guidance on how to get started, here are some easy steps you can follow to be inspired. For more ideas just check our dedicated Matching Outfits Section.

1 – Get the same outfit in different colours, so simple and yet so sweet. You can also include a slight variation of design, like the collars in the blouses here, if you prefer a more differentiated look whilst staying coordinated.

Amaia Kids Children Clothing Blog Mix and Match 1

2- Choose a pattern and combine it with knitwear and accessories. You can either go for the total matching look using similar ones or introduce subtle differences by playing with  different accent colours. In the first picture both kids wear green tartan and the exact light blue complements, whilst in the second one they are dressed on the same blue tartan but the cardigans are different shades of blue, her blouse is white and his shirt is blue.

Amaia Kids Children Clothing Blog Mix and Match 2

You can combine the same pattern for all ages, from babies to older kids, for both boys and girls. Find the one you prefer, and go for dresses, skirts or tops, shorts or trousers, bloomers or onesies depending on your particular taste and the ages of your children. As an example, see how many variations of green tartan you can use.

Amaia Kids Children Clothing Blog Mix and Match 3

3- Follow a colour scheme. This option is especially advisable for siblings of very different ages, as you can dress them in age appropriate style whilst still maintaining the coordinated unified look.

Amaia Kids Children Clothing Blog Mix and Match 4

Be adventurous, there is no need to stay with the traditional blues, pinks and reds as lovely as they of course are. Try some unusual combinations, like corals and greys, and see how they look. You can decline the palette introducing different patterns and styles, or stay with colour block designs.

Amaia Kids Children Clothing Blog Mix and Match 5

4- Pick a statement piece. This is definitely the easiest way to achieve the look, just find a garment you love and dress all your children with their own version of it.

Amaia Kids Children Clothing Blog Mix and Match 6

These are only some tips and basic guidelines, now it is up to you to get in the game! We guarantee your kids will look as cute as the princes, and no need for you to wait for an overseas royal tour to show them off…

Pick and Mix: Matching Outfits

Fall is almost here and before we know it, it will be time for family photos, holiday parties and other festive events. For many of us, dressing our children in coordinating outfits is the perfect way to pull everyone together for these special occasions, and to add that extra touch of adorable.

Amaia Kids AW2016 tartan matching outfit

Amaia Kids Autumn Winter 2016 Red Tartan Matching Outfit

Obviously, not everybody agrees: you might not know it, but Matching Outfits is one of the top topics guaranteed to ignite the so­called Mommy Wars. Yes, dressing your kids in matching outfits can be as controversial as the stay at home or go to work debate, baby feeding choices, sleep training, vaccination or discipline.

People who do not like the idea argue that children need to be free to develop their personality, that kids have a right to their individuality and that their mothers should not force their aesthetic on them. All are valid reasons, of course, but if you have ever been around young kids wearing identical school uniforms you have surely noticed how different they all look even when wearing exactly the same. Their personalities are defined by much more than their clothes and they will shine through no matter what.

Here at Amaia Kids we really, really, really like it when children wear matching outfits . It doesn’t have to be boring, and it does not necessarily just mean buying the same piece in different sizes. Go ahead and have fun, pick and mix! Create your own unique matching set by playing around with separates, choose outfits that complement one another in a tasteful way, rather than matching perfectly. Or follow a colour scheme and combine styles in different ways to dress them up or down and come up with looks that the kids will enjoy all year long.

Matching Outfit AK

Somehow, dressing brothers and sisters in matching outfits is a subtle mode of reaffirming their special bond, of celebrating the gift of those close relationships. Maybe in the future they might cringe when they look at photos of themselves wearing coordinated attires, but hopefully they will smile and realize that there was more to it than a cute photo opp. They will see that sometimes their clothes went together because as siblings they went together too, and that no matter how much they have grown and changed, regardless of time and distance, they still do and they always will. Siblings are after all a match made in heaven!

Amaia Kids AW2016 Blue tartan matching outfit

Amaia Kids Autumn Winter 2016 Blue Tartan Matching Outfit

So whether you want to make an everyday habit of dressing your children in matching outfits, or you just want to do it for family portraits or special occasions, you can make a fashion statement with your brood and at the same time time proudly display that unique kinship. Which might be the reason why matching attires for siblings always have that added touch of charm,thatundeniable sweetness and extra darling factor.

Amaia Kids AW2016 Tweed terracotta matching outfits

Amaia Kids Autumn Winter 2016 Tweed Terracotta Matching Outfits

If you are still not sure, please take a look at these images of the Dutch and Spanish princesses at the coronation ceremonies of their fathers as Kings of the Netherlands and Spain: Amalia, Alexia and Ariane wore similar blue dresses, with slight variations on the design and charming ribbons in their heads; Leonor and Sofia looked adorable in matching pale peach and mint green frocks.

Royal matching outfit Amaia Kids

Our children might not be royals, but they are definitely kings and queens of our hearts… and they look royally cute when they match!

Amaia Kids AW2016 Matching nightwear

Amaia Kids Autumn Winter 2016 Matching Nightwear

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… Put a bow on it !

Amaia Kids Children Clothing Bows for girls The Duchess of Cambridge 0
Summer is coming to an end and we all are starting to think about the many things we need to do to get ready for the new season. Buying new clothes for the kids is of course top of the list, but somehow I always end up getting distracted by the accessories instead of focusing on the wardrobe.
So when browsing through the new AW16 Lookbook of AmaiaKids, I was of course delighted by the cute hair bows in the pictures. I love hair bows, they inevitably put a smile on my face since I was a little girl wearing them myself, and now I am always on the lookout for the perfect ones for my daughters.

“Giggles and curls, ribbons and bows, she is adorable from head to toes”

That is what always comes to my mind every time I see a little girl proudly wearing a hair bow. Just like a perfectly wrapped present, a bow is the final touch, it is the icing on the cake. They are an invisible link that ties generations, as little girls wear hair bows the same way their mothers and grandmothers did. Think of sweet Princess Charlotte on her first birthday ́s pictures. And now remember those black and white pictures of her great grandmother the Queen as a baby, wearing bows herself before she had even tried on jewelled crowns. Impossible not to smile…

Amaia Kids Children Clothing Bows for girls The Duchess of Cambridge 1

“When in doubt, put a bow on it”

There is no style that can not be completed by a bow, from casual to formal and everything in between. The trick is to find hair bows of good quality, with no fray edges, and that will stay in place all day long. A classic but trend on design that is glam enough for dress up, but durable enough for everyday wear. Hair bows that can be worn for a day on the beach, but also for a wedding; that go with the school uniform, but at the same time are pretty enough to wear to church. Something worthy of topping off any fashionable wardrobe. And of course, hair bows the girls are happy to wear! It is not an easy task, I can tell you.

Amaia Kids Children Clothing Bows for girls The Duchess of Cambridge 2

Amaia Kids Children Clothing Bows for girls The Duchess of Cambridge 3Roblox HackBigo Live Beans HackYUGIOH DUEL LINKS HACKPokemon Duel HackRoblox HackPixel Gun 3d HackGrowtopia HackClash Royale Hackmy cafe recipes stories hackMobile Legends HackMobile Strike Hack

Amaia Kids Children Clothing Bows for girls The Duchess of Cambridge 4

“So many bows, so little hair”

This is why it is so exciting to finally find this holy grail of a hair bow, here at Hair Accessories. This perfect hair bow is a pretty design in top quality grosgrain that comes in an extensive color palette, and in different sizes, so you can create as many combinations as you like: small bows for baby girls, large ones for big girls, or why not the other way round. Match the hair bow to the outfit, or to the colour of her eyes, or pick a totally different color just for fun.


Good hair bows last for years, can be shared by sisters and are easily kept as cherished memories. They might even be passed on to the new little ones in the family, turning this tiny piece of fabric into an invisible knot that bonds generations together.

Both mothers and daughters will be happy, and who knows, some of them might also get tied emotionally to their hair bows the same way I am, and in the future they will smile every time they see one… That would definitely be an added value to the bow, right?

Amaia Kids Children Clothing Bows for girls The Duchess of Cambridge 5

Amaia Friends: meet Alexandra

IMG_1849 (1)We at Amaia are curious to know how our outfits are worn in real life, why parents choose our brand and what their families are like. So we have asked some of our loyal customers to share their stories.

Today we’re meeting Alexandra Tolstoy – a mother of three, who lives with her husband and children in the beautiful countryside. Alexandra is English and her husband is Russian. “How does that affect the fashion choices you make for your kids?”, – we’ve wondered.

“Well, I must admit I choose European fashion over English fashion”, – shared Alexandra. “I prefer more traditional and classy children’s outfits and that is why Amaia is always number one for me! I buy from some other French brands too, but Amaia is on top of my list”.

“I have three children. Aliosha, a seven years old boy, is very imaginative and loves history. Five years old Ivan would never miss a chance to play a trick on us! My daughter Maria is now four and she just would never stop talking ☺ What I like about Amaia is that it’s a one stop shop I can get beautiful and stylish clothes for all of my children at once. Knowing how opinionated children can be when it comes to their apparel, I’ve been delighted to notice mine have always welcomed Amaia outfits. I think that’s because the clothes are so comfortable and designed with busy children’s lifestyle in mind.”

IMG_1848 (1)

“Now when the summer is finally here, we as a family can’t wait to spend more time outside and I already have my eye on some Amaia dresses from the new collection!

 Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 00.20.30

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Queen’s Birthday and our ceremonial collection

Today the United Kingdom and the world are celebrating the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. Britain is very proud and affectionate about its Monarch – the Queen’s strength, vision and of course style are widely admired. AmaiKids is celebrating the occasion with its special CEREMONIAL COLLECTION.

Our Lace will make your little one look just like the Queen herself as a child! Its exquisite style, the trim, the ruffle collar and the petticoat make it a dress worthy of your beautiful little princess.

QueenLace dress

AmaiaKids stands for tradition and classy style. We pay attention to every detail while making our dresses to achieve that timeless and yet chic look. The Brightness dress is simple and respectable. It would be a perfect companion for a special occasion – a christening, communion, or wedding.

Brightness frontBrightness backWatch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Let’s not forget about the very little ones! Especially for them, we have created Loveable and Magical outfits. Classic pastel colours, frills, and of course lovely bonnets and soft shoes will receive approving nods from grandparents and family friends.


Either a kids party, a horse race event, or even an evening cocktail with parents – your little fellow travellers will surely get compliments on their immaculate style wearing a Fascinating dress.


We wish you a lot of happy celebrations!

Outfits for an Aries kid

Hello parents of Aries children, congratulations on your children’s birthdays! While you’re busy organizing kids parties and ordering that perfect cake, let’s talk about how special those little creatures are.

No matter how old your child is, you’re probably well aware they always know their way. From a very early age, Aries boys and girls are able to set a goal for themselves and act on achieving that. A box of chocolates hidden in a shelve 10 feet high? Ha, no problem! Let’s put this chair on that chair and then on that chair, a few books and a pillow, and here we go – hello, the chocolates!

Matching boy and girl outfits

This persistence (some tired parents call it stubbornness) may take a lot of patience from parents trying to convince their Aries to do what needs to be done. Don’t just tell them what to do though, try to present a task as a goal to be achieved, an aim for a superhero, and bingo! – the room is cleaned in less than three minutes! Those children appreciate a good challenge. This makes them competitive at sports and other areas of life with a competitive spirit.

Matching outfit

They appreciate a good run, activities involving passionate self-expression such as acting, and really loud games. Typically extroverts, they’re very energetic, sociable, and eager to be part of whatever happens in the world around them. Or more likely, they would initiate and manage activities, games and communication – Aries are born leaders.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 07.48.31streaming movie Perfect Strangers

When choosing outfits for such a strong-minded child, who is full of energy and always ready to act, go for comfortable clothes, which do not obstruct movements – an Aries boy or girl may be particularly irritated with something itchy or tight. Don’t let it stand in the way of a super-hero! These children like all the things bright – we bet red is their favourite colour. Always ready to climb a tree –no matter boy or girl – they would probably appreciate a cozy pair of shorts.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 07.43.17

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 07.41.02

Princess Charlotte and my childhood tights nightmare

As a child, among other essential fears such as being eaten by a dinosaur or not being given a bike for my birthday, I continuously feared the inevitability of having to put on my tights. And Since I’m coming from colder climates, tights were not to be escaped – they were a given. They were itchy, they would never stay where they’re supposed to stay and they would always – ALWAYS – create multiple bubbles on my knees. It was uncomfortable and embarrassing.

30+ years have since passed and I now have a daughter. Guess what? She hates tights! Just as in my old song, she finds them itchy, they never stay where they’re supposed to and they create bubbles. I naively presumed that over the past 30 years production quality had improved to the point that every pair of tights on the market would be perfect. Nope, that’s not the case. However, just at the point my daughter was throwing away her tights screaming “Noooooo!”, I saw this:

Princess CharlotteIrrational Man 2015 film trailer

The caption stated that lovely Princess Charlotte was wearing AmaiaKids tights. “Aha!”, – I thought. Surely the Duchess of Cambridge had ran a better market analysis than me and she would make sure her famous daughter would not twirl and twist because her tights are itchy and uncomfortable. This is the photoshoot for the whole world to see, after all! So I took a note.

And then it took me few moths to actually come to the store. After another battle with my daughter over her tights, I decided to give it a try. If it works for Princess Charlotte, it MUST work for us because I have no more ideas. And you know what? It did! I got two pairs and carefully introduced them to my 3 y.o., who basically accepts only her own opinion when it comes to clothing. She put them on and forgot about them for the whole day and didn’t complain once! And then it happened again on day Two and day Three. On day Four I came back to the store and got four more pairs because the colors are really amazing and well, I wanted to secure my luck. I also texted all my mum-friends about this new find; and a few days later they confirmed they were equally impressed. Hopefully, my little one won’t have those scary tights memories!

Natalia Rice for AmaiaKids
Cosmopolitan Londoner, blogger, mother

Mother’s Day at AMAIA

IMG_1107Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Amaia’s team is delighted to celebrate Mother’s Day on the 5th of March at the shop in Chelsea Green with a free portait session and a personalised jewellery workshop with Merci Maman and much more…

We look forward to welcoming you and your little ones on this occasion.
Please come along or pre book by sending an email to amaia_baby@yahoo.com

Spring is in the air…

springwindowWatch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Amaia is delighted to announce that the new spring summer collection 2016 is now available in store and on line.

Hand smocking, pastel colours such as powdery pink or green, flowery prints and classic ginghams have been selected to create a complete collection where you can choose the cutest outfit to spend a perfect summer day by the beach or find the chicest garment for a special occasion.

Can’t wait to share with you more…

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