Ready to match

You all know that here at Amaia Kids we love it when children wear matching outfits. We adore seeing the little ones looking picture perfect in their carefully combined clothes, showing to the world that they go together, that they complement each other the same way their clothes do.

We think that matching attires for siblings always have an added touch of charm, an undeniable sweetness and an extra darling factor. Think about glossy magazines and society pages: you sure have noticed that their articles about royal families and celebrities tend to display pictures of the kids perfectly pulled together in classy coordinating outfits.

Ready to match post Amaia Kids Children Clothing Marzo Post

We already talked about it before in previous posts, like Pick and Mix Matching Outfits and Beginners Guide to Mix and Match, so we are not going to insist, but what we are going to do is show you new and different ways to create your own unique version of matching outfits.

Basically, there are three main variables to consider: pattern, colour and model. Once you identify them, you can decide which one will be your primary focus. And of course, you can then juggle and combine the three!

1- Pattern

Choose a pattern or print and use it for all the kids, coordinating it with selected accessories. You can do it in diverse ways, going for an unified look or aiming for a more subtle approach using separates and mixing them.

Ready to match post Amaia Kids Children Clothing Marzo Post

This stripy cotton in royal blue and white is perfect for boys and girls and it is lovely as an overall pattern – as in the girl’s dress and the older boy’s shirt – or just as a defining element in the collar of the young boy’s shirt. That little detail ties the outfits together and provides an unifying image whilst still maintaining the two boys differentiated age appropriate style.

The same applies to the yellow and white floral pieces, another example of how you can use the same print in a distinctive way, with one of the girls wearing it as a dress and the other one as a skirt combined with a ruffled collared top in white.

Or you can go for the total match, as in these adorable bright printed baby outfits designed as a set for girls and an all in one for boys.

2- Colour

So simple and yet so sweet, it is a favourite of ours. There are numerous ways to mix the colours to obtain a great result, and here you can have an overview of the most popular ones.

Ready to match post Amaia Kids Children Clothing Marzo Post

Identical colour: the two cherry red dresses are different models but both are exactly the same shade. A perfect pairing! You can introduce a slight variation by playing with the accessories, like we did with the shoes and hair bows.

●  Identical colour combination: this cute dress is exactly the same hue of blue as the shirt. The white details of the dress and the hair bow mirror the boy’s shorts, and both wear the same denim blue shoes.

●  Same colour palette: everybody is dressed in blue and red, but in various shades and patterns. The boy is wearing navy shorts and a checkered shirt whilst both girls are wearing dresses with polka dots, but the younger one’s dress is light blue with red smock and the other dress is deep blue with red pipping and buttons.

 Accent colour: this is a matching combination so subtle that you might not even realise it is one. The boy’s green shirt picks its colour from the sunflower print of the dress, connecting them and making it a great alternative when you want a polished look without an actual match.

3- Model

Choose your favourite piece and get it in the appropriate sizes, in the same colour or in other shades, either prints or colour blocks. This option works better when your children are close in age, and it has always been a preferred choice for twins.

These adorable baby sets are equally lovely in blue and red gingham, same as the darling party dresses in their yellow and green options.

Ready to match post Amaia Kids Children Clothing Marzo Post

Coming up with matching outfits is fun, it is creative and the result will be an unique masterwork of your own making. Same as your family! So go ahead and proudly display the special bond that unites the siblings, celebrate their togetherness and be pleased by the fact that their matching outfits are a reflection of their kinship, a nod to the unbreakable connection that will always keep them close.

Pretty in pink and little boy blue

All of us who have children have been asked time and again when we were pregnant if it would be a boy or a girl. Some of us chose to know in advance, and some of us prefered to wait and be surprised. We have of course done it as well, and asked expectant parents the same question, not only out of curiosity but also to be able to buy the appropriate card or gift for the new baby.

Because generally speaking, we would choose something pink for a girl and blue for a boy, or otherwise we would pick a gender neutral tone. But we would most probably not get anything pink unless we knew for sure we were buying for a girl.

Pretty in pink and little boy blue Amaia Kids Children Clothing Girl Pink Boy Blue

Without even having to think about it, we tend to associate pink with girls and blue with boys. But it might surprise you to realise that this was not always the case. In fact, it was once almost exactly the opposite: pink was for boys, and blue for girls.

So when did the colour divide happen, and pink became a feminine colour? Well, it is a long and fascinating story, part of the evolution of children’s clothes through the ages.

For centuries, both boys and girls wore white clothes as a matter of practicality. White was easy to wash and could be washed in boiling water and bleached, and be reused and passed along to siblings. Also, before the invention of chemical dyes, clothing of any colour was reserved to a selected few due to its cost and need of special care. Wearing colours was reserved for the higher ranks of society, and back then red garments – and thus its pink lighter version – were the most valued. Boys wore pink as a symbol of status.

Pretty in pink and little boy Amaia Kids Children Clothing

In the mid-19th century colour clothing became widely available and pastel tones started to be used as the chosen hues for children in most of Europe and America, as they were considered youthful and appropriate for kids. Pink and blue became popular, but they were used to enhance the complexion and not to denote gender: pink was considered more flattering for brown-eyed, dark-haired children and blue for blue-eyed, light-haired ones.

Pretty in pink and little boy Amaia Kids Children Clothing Old

At the beginning of the 20th century there was a movement towards more gender distinction in clothing for children. Some department stores in the United States started adopting early marketing techniques to reinforce the idea that certain colours, mostly pink and blue, were particularly suitable for the little ones, but there was some confusion as they could not agree on which one should be for boys and which one for girls.

For example, a June 1918 article from the trade publication Earnshaw’s Infants’ Department said: “The generally accepted rule is pink for the boys, and blue for the girls. The reason is that pink, being a more decided and stronger color, is more suitable for the boy, while blue, which is more delicate and dainty, is prettier for the girl.” Pink was seen as a lighter version of red, and thus a good match for boys’ fiery temperament. Blue on the other hand was believed to reflect girls’ purity and goodness.

Exactly the opposite as what we consider the rule today!

Pretty in pink and little boy Amaia Kids Children Clothing Baby Girl Boy

In 1927, Time magazine published an article analyzing the trend in America and it concluded that there was no consistency as some leading stores in the country deemed pink to be for boys and blue for girls, and others claimed the opposite. New parents still outfitted their nurseries indistinctly in pink and blue, similar to the way we use green and yellow today, as a baby colour but not gender specific.

Then in the 1940s, as mass marketing was developing, manufacturers and retailers realized that if they persuaded parents to follow their colour scheme, they would have to buy a whole new wardrobe and set of baby accessories in the appropriate colour if they had a boy and a girl at some point, rather than just going with reusing one for both. So somehow they all agreed and settled the standard as we know it: blue for boys, pink for girls. This new modern trend expanded to the rest of the world, and it continued growing in popularity.

Pretty in pink and little boy Amaia Kids Children Clothing Baby Girl Baby Boy

There is no clear reason as to why this match won over the opposite one, and it could have gone easily the other way, but the most prevalent theory is that it reflected the French influence: traditional French culture paired pink with girls and blue with boys and because France set the fashion in the 20th century, their tradition held sway. Also the perception of blue as a masculine colour gained traction as military, police and firemen were adopting the dark shades of it for their uniforms.

Fashion naturally continues evolving and nowadays we see a growing tendency towards gender neutral colours, as the gender signification of the colours is becoming more fluid. It is not unusual for men to wear pink, blue is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, and the same applies to children’s apparel where pink and blue are not constricted anymore to either the girls or boys section.

Pretty in pink and little boy Amaia Kids Children Clothing Baby

We here at Amaia Kids adore both pink and blue, in all their hues and combinations, from the soft pastel palette to the bright deep end of the spectrum. Girls in pink are darling, but they are equally delightful in blue, and same goes for boys, handsome in blue but equally charming in pink.

Pretty in pink and little boy Amaia Kids Children Clothing Girl Boy Girl Boy

We love all colours, and we embrace the fact that we can dress our children in any of them, in all of them. We believe children are beautiful in blue, gorgeous in green, lovely in lavender, pretty in pink, radiant in red, wonderful in white and yummy in yellow!

Pretty in pink and little boy blue Amaia Kids Children Clothing Pink Blue

Yeah They were all yellow

We wish every day would be beautiful but unfortunately that is not always the case, as the rain, snow and wind so prevalent this time of the year unkindly remind us. Some days you just have to create your own sunshine, and that is what yellow is for! And we are not the only ones who feel like that, painter Vincent Van Gogh once famously wrote: “How lovely yellow is, it stands for the sun! The sun, a light that for lack of a better word I can only call yellow, bright sulfur yellow, pale lemon gold”. You can almost feel the sun on your face just by reading this.

Yellow is the colour of spring 2017 AK Yellow shirt kid

According to colour psychology, there are some colours capable of evoking certain moods and feelings, colours that affect our emotions, and yellow is definitely the perfect example. Obviously colour associations can be influenced by a number of different factors, including past experiences and diverse cultural meanings, but generally speaking most people will agree that yellow is a feel-good colour that captures the joy of sunshine and conveys youth and fun. Warm and cheerful, yellow is the brightest colour the human eye can see, it is an instant attention getter, an optimistic color that communicates happiness. It is the best colour to boost enthusiasm in our life, it is energizing and uplifting, and it feels welcoming and dynamic.

The colour yellow not only inspires all these emotions, but apparently it also has an effect over our behaviour and well-being. It is related to learning, as it resonates with the left, logical side of the brain, where it awakens perception and enhances concentration. It triggers new trains of thought, encourages curiosity and inspires practical creativity. Finally, experts claim that yellow also speeds the metabolism, stimulates the nerves and purifies the body. Not bad, right?

Yellow is the colour of spring 2017 AK Yellow Dress Girl

Colours often have different meanings in various cultures, and they might evolve over the years. According to surveys in Western cultures, yellow is the color people most often identify with optimism, pleasure, amusement, gentleness, and spontaneity. As the colour of the light, it is also associated with knowledge and intelligence.

In Asian cultures, particularly in China, yellow is not only seen as the colour of happiness, but also of virtue, glory and wisdom. Yellow corresponds with earth and it is considered the most beautiful and prestigious colour, related to harmony and culture. The Chinese saying “Yellow generates Yin and Yang”, implies that yellow is the center of everything.

Yellow is also the most common colour of flowers, as it makes them the most visible and attractive to insects and birds. Yellow flowers send a message of cheer and florists recommend them as a sure way to brighten the day of the recipient as they carry the sunshine with them. Yellow is a happy colour and it is almost impossible to refrain from smiling when you see a bouquet of yellow flowers, as they transmit joy and lightheartedness. They are specially appropriate for celebrations among friends and family, as their soft shade is a symbol of optimism and pride, of friendship, new beginnings and intellectual energy.

Yellow is the colour of spring 2017 AK Yellow shirt babyboy

Here at Amaia Kids we absolutely love yellow! Call it yellow, jaune, amarillo, amarelo, gelb or huangse, we think it is one of the loveliest colours in all of its tonalities. It is the colour of lemons and corn, of bananas and pineapples, of vanilla and honey, of butterscotch and custard, of sunflowers and chrysanthemums, of daffodils and dandelions, of bumblebees and canaries, of sunlight and gold. And it is perfect for children clothes, cheery and radiant, an instant mood enhancer that makes our little ones shine, a joyful colour for happy kids. Whether we choose a solid colour piece or a lovely floral print, a monochromatic look or just some accents, when we dress our children in yellow we feel as if the sun came out to play.

Yellow is the colour of spring 2017 AK Yellow Flowers Dress Girl

Deciding to wear yellow is not only a fashion choice, it is also a way of giving in to a feeling, it is about getting sunshine on a cloudy day. It might not be your favourite colour or the most obvious choice, but your kids will look good and feel even better. And so will you, as beautiful, sunny yellow will make your soul sing, We bet you will find yourself humming the Coldplay song “Yellow” over and over:

“Look at the stars,

look how they shine for you,

and everything you do,

yeah, they were all yellow”.

Unless you are more into old 60s tracks, and then Donovan’s’ “Mellow Yellow” will be your accompanying song, you know the tune:

“They call me mellow yellow,

quite rightly,

they call me mellow yellow”

Or you can rely on a classic, and go for the Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine”. Your kids will for sure chime in too! All together now:

“We all live in a yellow submarine,

yellow submarine, yellow submarine”

Yellow is the colour of spring 2017 AK Yellow Dress Girl

We hope that by now you will agree with us and feel that yellow shines with optimism, enlightenment and happiness, and that we all need more yellow in our lives. Let’s stay on the sunny side of life!

No winter lasts forever

It is not that we do not like winter. We love winter! After all, If we had no winter, spring would not be so pleasant, but we are ready for warmer days. One of our favourite sayings of all times is “no winter lasts forever, no spring skips its turn”, by Hal Borland, and it perfectly sums up our mood as we are working hard to get our Amaia Kids Spring Summer 2017 Collection ready for you. And yet, as much as we look forward to spring, we know it is still months away…

This is an awkward time of the year as fashion is concerned, a shifting period where we have finished our winter sales shopping and we are eager to move on towards the new season, even if the weather does not really justify it. We are looking forward to update our wardrobes and to buy new clothes, but we are not ready to wear them yet. It is still cold outside!

Image Amaia Kids

Fortunately, in many places we will soon have a perfect excuse to escape the chilly weather and leave behind woolly hats, scarfs and mittens, at least temporarily. Before long we will be able to wear sundresses, shorts and sandals and we will remember the feeling of the warm breeze in our bare skin. We are of course talking about the February vacation. Also known as Half-term Holiday, February Break, Mid-term Break, White Week or Winter Break, the names, dates and duration vary by country, but the idea behind it is the same.

There are lots of us who believe in H. D. Thoreau quote “one must maintain a little bit of summer even in the middle of winter”, and we love to interpret it literally. Many families take advantage of the school break to travel abroad, and journeys to sunny destinations are a favourite choice since they provide a respite from the cold. Of course, winter clothes stay home, and summer attires need to be put together.

Image post Amaia kids

This is when we welcome the Cruise Collections, also known as Resort, Holiday or Travel collections. They are inter-season collections that make their appearance during the winter months, offering light spring or summer clothing when the weather at the point of sale actually still calls for winter apparel. They were originally created with the jet set in mind and catered for wealthy clients who needed a wardrobe for their mid-season travels to climates different to their own, like North Americans going on cruises and Europeans vacationing in the mild Mediterranean area during the winter months. Now these warm-weather designs that arrive in the shops between the Autumn/Winter and the Spring/Summer collections to fill this transitional time reach a much wider market, and we rely on them to get our vacation wardrobes ready.

Imagen Amaia kids post

Of course not everybody travels to the beach in February. Your family might have chosen a ski holiday, and you are now focusing on thermal underwear and fitting helmets. Or you have opted to travel to another city, or to visit relatives, or you have decided to stay at home and enjoy a relaxed week free of school runs, after school activities and sporting events. All these options are equally attractive and we are sure you will have a great time. Wherever you go, no matter the weather, bring your own sunshine!

And if you are not one of the lucky ones to have a February break, and this month for you is business as usual, just remember Albert Camus’ citation: “in the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer”.

Post Amaia Kids Imagen

In any case, we kindly invite you to take a look at our Spring Summer 2017 Lookbook and enjoy the gentle colours, soft and elegant designs and feel-good fabrics as a genuine way to get you into a sunny disposition. As Lilly Pulitzer said, “despite the forecast, live like it’s spring”. Happy February break!

Beat the January Blues away

January feels like a very long month. It starts with all the animation of the New Year celebrations, still on holiday mood, and the excitement of a brand new year full of expectations ahead of us. Then all of a sudden the festive season is well behind us, Christmas starts to look like a distant memory, kids are back at school and life goes slowly back to normal.

Sale shopping time keeps our spirits up for a bit longer, but then, after all the stimulation and energy of the past weeks, January Blues makes its appearance: this is the funk you enter because the holiday season is over, the days are still short, the weather is cold and spring is far away yet.

January Blues 2017 Blog by Amaia Kids children clothing

We are surrounded by many valuable recommendations to survive January: improve your diet, take vitamin supplements, exercise, go out, pamper yourself, take up a hobby, spend time with friends, plan a holiday… We are not convinced you need any extra ones, but just in case, here you have our contribution from Amaia Kids .


If you are feeling like the fun is over and winter will never end, why not create summer and light in your mind? Close your eyes and visualise a beautiful sunny morning, evoke happy moments at the beach, recreate the laughs of your children as they play in the water. Remember the cheerful mood of a summer holiday and delight in the joyful memories. This will allow positive feelings to flow through and it will give you a boost of optimism and cheerfulness.

January Blues 2017 Blog by Amaia Kids children clothing girl dress


After all the preparations for the festive season and those hectic weeks of celebrations, January can feel slow and dull by comparison, so having something to look forward to can help brighten up your mood. Anticipation of happiness is sometimes as great as happiness itself! Start planning your next vacation, dream up a new destination, discuss fun days out with your family. You can begin to instantly get in the right frame of mind by browsing the new Spring Summer collections just about to arrive in your favourite stores…

January Blues 2017 Blog by Amaia Kids children clothing Pink Girl


According to the theories of chromotherapy, our emotional state can be affected by the colours we surround ourselves with, and choosing the right ones can make a positive impact on our outlook. And naturally, the easiest way to add some colour to our life starts with our wardrobes.

Red is invigorating, yellow is uplifting, pink is good natured, violet is reassuring, green promotes physical healing, blue is calming… the list goes on and on. So what better remedy than to take a sneak peek at the sweet palette of the freshly released Spring Summer clothes?

January Blues 2017 Blog by Amaia Kids children clothing white yellow dress

At any rate, we are prepared to wave January goodbye. Blue Monday, the most miserable day of the year, is already behind us – that was January 16th, if you believe a pseudo-scientifical equation that considers factors like weather conditions, finances, time elapsed since the festive season, failing new year’s resolutions and low motivational levels. And we are now heading towards the happiest Monday of the year, which according to the same so-called experts will be January 30th, which is supposed to be the day we finally shake off the festive hangover and start feeling invigorated and ready to look forward to the summer, despite the freezing temperatures outside.

In any case, whether you believe or not on these Blue Monday and Happy Monday theories, all we can say is… May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short!

January Blues 2017 Blog by Amaia Kids children clothing bow blue