Princess Charlotte and my childhood tights nightmare

As a child, among other essential fears such as being eaten by a dinosaur or not being given a bike for my birthday, I continuously feared the inevitability of having to put on my tights. And Since I’m coming from colder climates, tights were not to be escaped – they were a given. They were itchy, they would never stay where they’re supposed to stay and they would always – ALWAYS – create multiple bubbles on my knees. It was uncomfortable and embarrassing.

30+ years have since passed and I now have a daughter. Guess what? She hates tights! Just as in my old song, she finds them itchy, they never stay where they’re supposed to and they create bubbles. I naively presumed that over the past 30 years production quality had improved to the point that every pair of tights on the market would be perfect. Nope, that’s not the case. However, just at the point my daughter was throwing away her tights screaming “Noooooo!”, I saw this

The caption stated that lovely Princess Charlotte was wearing AmaiaKids tights. “Aha!”, - I thought. Surely the Duchess of Cambridge had ran a better market analysis than me and she would make sure her famous daughter would not twirl and twist because her tights are itchy and uncomfortable. This is the photoshoot for the whole world to see, after all! So I took a note.

And then it took me few moths to actually come to the store. After another battle with my daughter over her tights, I decided to give it a try. If it works for Princess Charlotte, it MUST work for us because I have no more ideas. And you know what? It did! I got two pairs and carefully introduced them to my 3 y.o., who basically accepts only her own opinion when it comes to clothing. She put them on and forgot about them for the whole day and didn’t complain once! And then it happened again on day Two and day Three. On day Four I came back to the store and got four more pairs because the colors are really amazing and well, I wanted to secure my luck. I also texted all my mum-friends about this new find; and a few days later they confirmed they were equally impressed. Hopefully, my little one won’t have those scary tights memories!

Natalia Rice for AmaiaKids
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