Amaia Friends: meet Alexandra

We at Amaia are curious to know how our outfits are worn in real life, why parents choose our brand and what their families are like. So we have asked some of our loyal customers to share their stories.

Today we’re meeting Alexandra Tolstoy – a mother of three, who lives with her husband and children in the beautiful countryside. Alexandra is English and her husband is Russian. “How does that affect the fashion choices you make for your kids?”, - we’ve wondered.

“Well, I must admit I choose European fashion over English fashion”, - shared Alexandra. “I prefer more traditional and classy children’s outfits and that is why Amaia is always number one for me! I buy from some other French brands too, but Amaia is on top of my list”.

“I have three children. Aliosha, a seven years old boy, is very imaginative and loves history. Five years old Ivan would never miss a chance to play a trick on us! My daughter Maria is now four and she just would never stop talking ☺ What I like about Amaia is that it’s a one stop shop I can get beautiful and stylish clothes for all of my children at once. Knowing how opinionated children can be when it comes to their apparel, I’ve been delighted to notice mine have always welcomed Amaia outfits. I think that’s because the clothes are so comfortable and designed with busy children’s lifestyle in mind.”

“Now when the summer is finally here, we as a family can’t wait to spend more time outside and I already have my eye on some Amaia dresses from the new collection!


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