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Summer is coming to an end and we all are starting to think about the many things we need to do to get ready for the new season. Buying new clothes for the kids is of course top of the list, but somehow I always end up getting distracted by the accessories instead of focusing on the wardrobe.
So when browsing through the new AW16 Lookbook of AmaiaKids, I was of course delighted by the cute hair bows in the pictures. I love hair bows, they inevitably put a smile on my face since I was a little girl wearing them myself, and now I am always on the lookout for the perfect ones for my daughters.

“Giggles and curls, ribbons and bows, she is adorable from head to toes”

That is what always comes to my mind every time I see a little girl proudly wearing a hair bow. Just like a perfectly wrapped present, a bow is the final touch, it is the icing on the cake. They are an invisible link that ties generations, as little girls wear hair bows the same way their mothers and grandmothers did. Think of sweet Princess Charlotte on her first birthday ́s pictures. And now remember those black and white pictures of her great grandmother the Queen as a baby, wearing bows herself before she had even tried on jewelled crowns. Impossible not to smile...

“When in doubt, put a bow on it”

There is no style that can not be completed by a bow, from casual to formal and everything in between. The trick is to find hair bows of good quality, with no fray edges, and that will stay in place all day long. A classic but trend on design that is glam enough for dress up, but durable enough for everyday wear. Hair bows that can be worn for a day on the beach, but also for a wedding; that go with the school uniform, but at the same time are pretty enough to wear to church. Something worthy of topping off any fashionable wardrobe. And of course, hair bows the girls are happy to wear! It is not an easy task, I can tell you.

“So many bows, so little hair”

This is why it is so exciting to finally find this holy grail of a hair bow, here at Hair Accessories. This perfect hair bow is a pretty design in top quality grosgrain that comes in an extensive color palette, and in different sizes, so you can create as many combinations as you like: small bows for baby girls, large ones for big girls, or why not the other way round. Match the hair bow to the outfit, or to the colour of her eyes, or pick a totally different color just for fun.

Good hair bows last for years, can be shared by sisters and are easily kept as cherished memories. They might even be passed on to the new little ones in the family, turning this tiny piece of fabric into an invisible knot that bonds generations together.

Both mothers and daughters will be happy, and who knows, some of them might also get tied emotionally to their hair bows the same way I am, and in the future they will smile every time they see one... That would definitely be an added value to the bow, right?

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