Pick and Mix: Matching Outfits

Fall is almost here and before we know it, it will be time for family photos, holiday parties and other festive events. For many of us, dressing our children in coordinating outfits is the perfect way to pull everyone together for these special occasions, and to add that extra touch of adorable.

Amaia Kids Autumn Winter 2016 Red Tartan Matching Outfit

Obviously, not everybody agrees: you might not know it, but Matching Outfits is one of the top topics guaranteed to ignite the so­called Mommy Wars. Yes, dressing your kids in matching outfits can be as controversial as the stay at home or go to work debate, baby feeding choices, sleep training, vaccination or discipline.

People who do not like the idea argue that children need to be free to develop their personality, that kids have a right to their individuality and that their mothers should not force their aesthetic on them. All are valid reasons, of course, but if you have ever been around young kids wearing identical school uniforms you have surely noticed how different they all look even when wearing exactly the same. Their personalities are defined by much more than their clothes and they will shine through no matter what.

Here at Amaia Kids we really, really, really like it when children wear matching outfits . It doesn't have to be boring, and it does not necessarily just mean buying the same piece in different sizes. Go ahead and have fun, pick and mix! Create your own unique matching set by playing around with separates, choose outfits that complement one another in a tasteful way, rather than matching perfectly. Or follow a colour scheme and combine styles in different ways to dress them up or down and come up with looks that the kids will enjoy all year long.

Somehow, dressing brothers and sisters in matching outfits is a subtle mode of reaffirming their special bond, of celebrating the gift of those close relationships. Maybe in the future they might cringe when they look at photos of themselves wearing coordinated attires, but hopefully they will smile and realize that there was more to it than a cute photo opp. They will see that sometimes their clothes went together because as siblings they went together too, and that no matter how much they have grown and changed, regardless of time and distance, they still do and they always will. Siblings are after all a match made in heaven!

Amaia Kids Autumn Winter 2016 Blue Tartan Matching Outfit

So whether you want to make an everyday habit of dressing your children in matching outfits, or you just want to do it for family portraits or special occasions, you can make a fashion statement with your brood and at the same time time proudly display that unique kinship. Which might be the reason why matching attires for siblings always have that added touch of charm,thatundeniable sweetness and extra darling factor.

Amaia Kids Autumn Winter 2016 Tweed Terracotta Matching Outfits

If you are still not sure, please take a look at these images of the Dutch and Spanish princesses at the coronation ceremonies of their fathers as Kings of the Netherlands and Spain: Amalia, Alexia and Ariane wore similar blue dresses, with slight variations on the design and charming ribbons in their heads; Leonor and Sofia looked adorable in matching pale peach and mint green frocks.

Our children might not be royals, but they are definitely kings and queens of our hearts... and they look royally cute when they match!

Amaia Kids Autumn Winter 2016 Matching Nightwear

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