Mix and Match: Beginners guide

Our last post here was called Pick and Mix: Matching Outfits, and it was about how much we love coordinated clothes for siblings.

We provided some advice on how to make them work, and explained why we think that matching outfits are adorable; we also acknowledged the fact that some people do not like the idea, and gently tried to persuade them to give it a try.

Well, fast forward a couple of weeks, and we are quite sure our team of matching outfits lovers has grown massively, thanks to the cutest pair of royal princes ever.

The Canada royal tour 2016 proved to be the perfect occasion for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (or William and Kate, as we all call them…) to present their children to the world once again, and the little ones really did live up to the expectations.

The royal tour officially started after the family landed in Victoria, British Columbia, and descended from the plane. George looked smart in navy shorts, knee high socks and a blue sweater as he walked down the steps holding his parents’ hands, whilst Charlotte cuddled into her mom in a blue dress and matching hair bow. We are proud to say the socks and hair bow were from Amaia Kids, incidentally...

The Cambridges took the matching approach to a new level, as the whole family wore the same palette of blues, showing a perfectly colour coordinated image in royal blue and navy that gained immediate public approval.

The Duchess obviously knows how to combine some key pieces to create a subtle matching look for her children: Charlotte’s hair bow and shoes were the same tone of blue as George’s sweater, and his checkered shirt combined perfectly with the light blue shade of the flower print in her sister´s dress.

Several days later Prince George and Princess Charlotte appeared together at their first official joint engagement in Victoria. This time they were also dressed in adorable matching outfits that declined the same palette of blues and reds.

Once again Charlotte’s hair bow  was from Amaia Kids, as well as her blue cardigan, which was the cutest royal rewear, as it used to be her brother’s! A perfect example of how good quality pieces can be passed down to siblings and reused to create a different look.

As we said in our previous blog, coming up with matching outfits for siblings is a fun way to dress them in a unique way, to make a fashion statement of your own. Mix and match, be adventurous and feel proud of the final result! If you need some guidance on how to get started, here are some easy steps you can follow to be inspired. For more ideas just check our dedicated Matching Outfits Section.

1 - Get the same outfit in different colours, so simple and yet so sweet. You can also include a slight variation of design, like the collars in the blouses here, if you prefer a more differentiated look whilst staying coordinated.

2- Choose a pattern and combine it with knitwear and accessories. You can either go for the total matching look using similar ones or introduce subtle differences by playing with  different accent colours. In the first picture both kids wear green tartan and the exact light blue complements, whilst in the second one they are dressed on the same blue tartan but the cardigans are different shades of blue, her blouse is white and his shirt is blue.

You can combine the same pattern for all ages, from babies to older kids, for both boys and girls. Find the one you prefer, and go for dresses, skirts or tops, shorts or trousers, bloomers or onesies depending on your particular taste and the ages of your children. As an example, see how many variations of green tartan you can use.

3- Follow a colour scheme. This option is especially advisable for siblings of very different ages, as you can dress them in age appropriate style whilst still maintaining the coordinated unified look.

Be adventurous, there is no need to stay with the traditional blues, pinks and reds as lovely as they of course are. Try some unusual combinations, like corals and greys, and see how they look. You can decline the palette introducing different patterns and styles, or stay with colour block designs.

4- Pick a statement piece. This is definitely the easiest way to achieve the look, just find a garment you love and dress all your children with their own version of it.

These are only some tips and basic guidelines, now it is up to you to get in the game! We guarantee your kids will look as cute as the princes, and no need for you to wait for an overseas royal tour to show them off...

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