What to wear guide for the party season. Wear a smile today!

The ultimate WHAT TO WEAR GUIDE for the party season:

We are quickly approaching the party season, with all the excitement it entails. So many joyful occasions to get together and celebrate, to have fun enjoy family and friends. And as we start to get into party mood, the eternal question: what to wear?

As if the pressure of choosing the perfect outfits for the little ones on the happiest days of the year was not enough, now we have to consider not only the need to impress the grandparents and other extended family, but also the fact that these looks might live on forever, having been snapped and posted and shared online. We will look at the pictures year after year, so better get it right! Here we have some friendly tips to get you through all those memorable occasions and have your kids look picture perfect.

1- Timeless look: don´t date yourself

Choose clothes that are appropriate and work for those occasions, whilst standing the test of time. Think classy and intemporal, so the outfit will not be dated when you look back. Traditional classic attires will always be the right choice, but make sure to add some fun. Smart and timeless with a modern twist is what you need!

Moohren Dress

2 - Comfort: clothes should make us happy

Please make sure the children like the clothes and they are comfortable on them. Choose good designs, so they can move freely in their outfits, without pulling and fidgeting at their new clothes. It is much better to go with tested and tried pieces, with nothing itchy, scratchy or stiff: soft fabrics and well finished seams are a must, so nothing bothers your kids when they are proudly wearing their special outfits. You want them happy and relaxed, not grouchy and miserable!

Goose Dress 

3 - Versatility: combine, coordinate, create

Another aspect to consider is the option to maximize the total number of possible outfits. A special dress can be worn with a different combination of accessories, and come up as a complete new outfit. Just change the colour of the tights, cardigan and hairbow, and you get a similarly sweet but different ensemble.

The same applies to boys trousers or shorts, just replace the socks and top, and you have an extra attire to wear on another special day, thus making the most of your investment. Once again, think of Prince George on his recent visit to Canada, when he wore the same red shorts with different sweaters and shoes.

4- Quality: choose well, make it last

Good clothes should be worn without getting wrinkled, crumpled or creased, so go for dresses that have quality linings as that would make a huge difference not only on the prettiness of the look but on their wearability. Same principle applies to shirts, skirts and trousers, and of course to knitwear, where easy care and maintenance are key. Good quality clothes have guaranteed durability and resilience, so invest in pieces that will last and can be used and reused.

If the royal princes wear their outfits more than once, even in official portraits, your little ones can too! And of course, think of the added value of reusing the clothes for siblings. A certain blue cardigan comes to mind, right?

Quail Dress

5 - The fun part begins: spoilt for choice!

As dresses go, the most difficult part is to decide which one to buy, as all of them are darling. This time of the year tartan, tweed or corduroy are always a good option, same as the softest velvet.

Owl Dress & Pigeon Dress

Puff sleeves and hand-smocking add the perfect finish, and if you prefer a more formal look, think ruffled collars, lace details and big back sashes.

Pipit Dress & Shoveler Velvet Dress

For boys, shorts and knee socks are a winning combination, inspired by the British aristocratic tradition of dressing young boys in shorts. Choose among tweed, tartan and corduroy, accompanied by soft cotton ribbed knee high socks and jumpers or cardigans for the perfect occasion outfit.

6- Accessories: the exclamation point of an outfit!

It is very important that you get the right accessories. You want to make sure the socks stay up, the tights don’t fall down, the hair bow doesn’t slip. Sure we all remember that wedding when the otherwise adorable flower girl kept lifting her dress to pull her tights up…

Tartan outfit

7- Shoes: good shoes take you good places!

The right pair of shoes will tie everything together. Invest in good shoes that are not only smart but easy to wear: once again, comfort is key, as you don't want them kicked out even before the party starts or the first picture is taken. Look for flexible breathable leather, non slippery soles and good ankle support.

You will never go wrong with Mary Janes or ballerinas for girls, T bars, brogues or moccasins for boys. As the saying goes, if the shoe fits… buy one in every colour!

Goose Dress - Raspberry Colour

So now, you just need to start thinking about what to wear yourself… happy shopping!

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