Holiday Shopping Gift Guide

The holiday season is here! Well, not yet, but the so called Holiday Creep has definitely arrived. This is the name of the contagious phenomenon where it feels like the holiday season has started months before its actual appearance in the calendar.

Yes, there are plenty of other celebrations before December: depending on where you are, Harvest Festivals, Halloween, All Saints Day, Bonfire Night, Thanksgiving, to name just a few memorable automnal occasions.

All of them are lovely traditions cherished by both children and adults, but none of them are as special as the quintessential winter holiday, those glorious weeks of school vacations and family gatherings, of joyful celebrations complete with a variety of presents giving traditions

This is definitely the busiest time of the year for exchanging presents. All over the world, families and friends give gifts to each other. St. Nicholas (or Sinterklaas, Samiclaaus...) is the first one to make an appearance, on the 6th of December. Father Christmas (or Santa Claus, Père Noël, Papá Noel, Babbo Natale…) waits till the 25th.

This year Hannukah starts on the 24th of December, with eight consecutive days of gifts. And finally the Three Wise Men (the Three Kings, los Reyes Magos) and la Befana come on the 6th of January. So definitely, time to get ready!

The best thing to do is to start early, to have more time to prepare and avoid last minute panics. Making a list is essential, as well as planning ahead, and of course… shopping smartly.

Presents for children are always a priority, as the holidays are especially delightful for them and most parents want to make this time magic for the little ones. All of us who have kids are used to finding lots of them scattered throughout the house, and toys are indeed good, but sometimes there are just too many. So why not consider to shift to something different and buy some clothes instead, or in addition to?

1 - Kids clothes are a double present, as they please both children and parents.

Timeless, traditional classy clothes with a modern twist will equally delight the intended recipient of the gift and the parents. You can choose among many different options, from something really special to some more practical wardrobe staples, with something for every budget. Whether you decide to go for an heirloom dress or a sweet baby outfit, you know it will be well received.

Sweetest matching outfits for everyone

Nightwear is another sure hit, with stylish comfy pyjamas and elegant warm dressing gowns the kids will love, and do not forget about our accessories, which can be the perfect stocking fillers.

Gorgeous outfits for the youngest

2- Clothes are easy to buy online

Our user friendly webpage at Amaia Kids makes the process of buying a gift an easy, stress free, pleasurable experience. Avoid traffic jams and parking problems, and find the perfect piece from the comfort of your home, during a rare free moment at the office or enjoying a cup of tea at your favourite coffee shop. Get inspired by the lookbooks, then use the filters to browse by gender, age, price, size and colour.

We deliver worldwide to your home or office - for free if your order exceeds 150 pounds -, you choose standard or express delivery, and you can also collect from our store. We can also send a gift on your behalf. And if for whatever reason you had to return or exchange your order, you can do it hassle free within 14 days. Easy peasy!

3- Kids clothes can be a pleasure to buy, enjoy the experience

If you prefer shopping in person and happen to be in London, we are here to help you. Come see us on 14 Cale Street, and stay away from the crowds, the noise and the long lines of department stores and big impersonal chains. Enjoy the calm and soothing ambiance of our cozy shop on Chelsea whilst we offer you the best personalized care and assistance, so you can happily tick off all those names on your list. You will get our undivided attention, and you might even recognize some of your fellow shoppers


Our shop in London - 14 Cale Street

We will also provide beautiful classy gift wrapping, so you have one less thing to worry about. Your gift will be neatly folded and covered in tissue paper, then put in one of our specially designed gift boxes and finished with a matching ribbon, ready to carry in one of our Amaia bags. As the saying goes, the greatest gifts are not wrapped in paper but in love, so why not have both? You put the love, we do the wrapping!

Amaia & Segolene - Amaia Kids' Team

4- Gift cards are the perfect gift

With so many gorgeous outfits to choose from sometimes it is simply impossible to decide. Or it could be that you are not sure of the sizes, the style or the actual preferences of the child or the parent. Do not panic, as we have the solution for you to come up with the perfect gift: Amaia Kids Gift Cards. You just need to decide the amount, and the recipient will be able to happily choose from our whole range of clothes and accessories. This way, you are sure to choose right!

You can buy the actual gift cards at our shop or online, or opt for buying virtual gift cards online. This option is particularly convenient for family and friends who live far from us, or whom we might not be able to see around the holidays. In this case, just select your required amount, fill the sender and recipient’s details and the lucky one will receive a virtual gift card in his or her inbox, on the exact date you choose, with no delivery charges. In both cases you can add a personal message, to add that special touch.

Gift Cards

We hope the special little ones in your life will enjoy opening their special gifts, whether they found them in their shoes, filled their hanging stockings, were left by the fireplace, piled under the tree or displayed near the lights.

And remember, the best gift is giving from your heart, and we are sure you have that covered!

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