Life is a Party, Dress like it!

It is the perfect time of the year to quote our beloved Audrey Hepburn, as we totally agree with her: “life is a party, dress like it”.

Every family celebrates the holidays in different ways, with some preferring small cosy gatherings and others favouring big fancy parties. Sometimes it is a combination of both, a small homely celebration one day with one side of the family and a sparklier event on another date with a different group of relatives and friends.

In any case, kids at the holidays are without a doubt at their cutest, as their excitement and happiness become contagious and all of us enjoy sharing their joy and enthusiasm. We love seeing girls in cute dresses, little boys in smart outfits and babies who look sweet enough to eat. It is part of the magic that makes this season so special!

1- What colour is your holiday?

With the city festooned in red and green for the holiday season, why not embrace it and replicate the christmassy palette in your kids’ party wardrobe? Holly berry red, evergreen and snowy white are a wonderful bright and cheery combination that will add to the festive feeling of the occasion. You can easily achieve this look by choosing some special key pieces and combining them into a fun seasonal outfit. Then you can use them separately outside the holiday season mixed with different colours, thus making the most of your investment.

Mia Girl look & Henry baby look

We are in love with the very aptly named Rudolph jumper, so cozy and warm, that instantly creates the sweetest picture perfect festive look. It is a unisex outfit, so you can mix it with the Chickadee red checked shirt and t-bar shoes for boys, and the Dove flowery blouse and mary-janes for girls. The red Magpie bloomers are cute for younger kids, or you could opt for green trousers for older boys. And the best part is that all pieces will become staples in your little one’s wardrobe as they will be worn all winter long.

Look baby boy

If you are not convinced this is your style and the total look is not your preferred one, you can still give it a try just by adding some colourful touches here and there. A shiny red hair bow or a bright green headband can instantly transform any dress into a cheerful christmassy attire with a minimal effort, or you can just add a red cardigan to an otherwise neutral outfit as a subtle nod to the seasonal spirit.

Hair Accessories

If red and green are not your preferred option because Christmas is not your celebration but you like the idea of holiday colours, you can pick something in the festive palette of Hannukah. Blue and white are a lovely combination for kids to wear, even if it is not necessarily part of the tradition.

Look in blue girl & Look in blue boy

2- Girls: Dress to impress

Tartan, tweed, corduroy, velvet, cotton? Long sleeves, puff sleeves, ruffled collars, peter pan collars? Back sashes, smock, buttons? Classic, vintage inspired, contemporary? Block coloured, printed? You want to make sure the dress is well cut, fully lined and made of good quality fabrics. Once you have that covered, to decide which one to get depends on your particular taste and the type of celebration you want it for.

All are darling, there is no doubt about it. Some are a bit dressier than others, perfect for special occasions that are more on the formal side, and others are equally appropriate for the festivities but you will get to use them outside party time as well.

For a formal party, the Grosbeak dress is an exquisite grey and black plumetti dress with a delicate peter pan collar and ¾ sleeves. The Pipit dress comes in a gorgeous pink rich velvet adorned with a delicate off-white collar, dainty lace details and a big sash at the back. Your little girl will shine like a princess and feel like one!

Pauline Girl Look & beautiful Pipit dress

For an equally sweet look but less ceremonious you can do no wrong with the Kind Bird dress, the ideal festive dress in a vintage inspired print with puff sleeves and contrasting red stitching. The Oriole dress in the loveliest pink and pale grey toothpick with an embroidered peter pan collar, mother of pearl buttons in the front and a matching bow at the back is another sure bet. The perfect balance of timeless elegance with a retro flair and sweet girliness.

Ariane girl look & Oriole Girl look

You can also opt for separates instead of a dress. The Alice skirt is an enchanting tutu skirt in pink with sparkling golden dots that provides an instant festive feel. Pair it with the Nightjar fur vest, a chic and cosy fur vest, for a very stylish more modern look, classy and contemporary at the same time. Both pieces will become favourites and will be worn frequently as part of many different outfit combinations.

Alice skirt

3- Boys: be the best version of you

For boys you have to decide as well whether you prefer a more or less formal approach. In any case, insist on impeccable terminations and quality fabrics.

A beautifully cut classic jacket is always a good choice to attain a celebratory look, and it has the advantage of being easily dressed up or down for further occasions. The fully lined Wheatear jacket in classy tweed in a neutral easy to combine colour or the Wheatear green jacket in soft wool will almost magically transform your boy into a cute small gentleman.

Juan boy look & William boy look

Otherwise a combination of crispy button-down shirts and knitwear creates the perfect dressy outfit. A blue oxford brushed cotton shirt is a classic choice, worn with a jumper or cardigan. Trousers or shorts are both good options, but we adore the look of little boys in shorts with knee high socks, as it gives the outfit an elegant timeless quality.

Theodore boy look & James boy look

4- Babies: you are never fully dressed without a smile

There is nothing sweeter than cute babies dressed up for special occasions, their smiles brightening the room as relatives surround them adoringly. Creating the perfect outfit for them is a fun project full of charming choices, but while you sure want to make your child look like the angel he or she is (at least most of the time…), it is also a good idea to stay practical.

For baby girls, dresses might look like the most obvious choice, but take into account their age. In the crawling stage, those beautiful big skirts don't work too well, as they get caught under hands and knees and can even rip, so onesies and bloomers are a convenient alternative, equally festive and elegant. If you still prefer a dress, make sure you pair it with cute tights or a diaper cover, as the skirts have a tendency to not staying down. For baby boys, buy soft button-down shirts that look cute untucked, as they inevitably will be.

Ava baby look & Hugo baby look

For both, you want stretchy neck openings for easy dressing and elastic cuffs that keep the sleeves in place. Choose bloomers elasticated around the legs for a better fit, and do not renounce to stretchable waists that allow a quick slip on and off. Bear in mind that even the best shoes might not stay on, so sometimes you might have to compromise with bright clean matching socks or tights.

Ollie baby look & Annabel look

5- The secret to success: children are children

This is the most important advice of all: sometimes, no matter what, your kids will end up not looking exactly as angelic as you had wished for. At times the best you can hope for is for them to arrive at the party looking close to perfect, and that may mean putting on the outfit right before you head out the door... Then remember that part of the charm of seeing children dressed up is watching them get a little disheveled as the party progresses. Just make sure to take the pictures early on, and enjoy their unique way to add joy to every day!

These were only some ideas, make sure you check our dedicated Christmas section in our webpage to get inspired, or come visit us!

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