January Sales: tips for success

A brand new year has just started and we are full of resolutions. We are still tired after the celebrations and we have barely recovered from all the shopping we did in preparation for the holidays. One might think that we would wish to stay away from any shopping at all for a while, but this is obviously not the way it works. January is here so that brings us the January sales. Too good an occasion to pass up! Ultimately, one of the best things about Christmas shopping is that it toughened us for the January sales...

Sales 2017 Blog by Amaia Kids children clothing

You have heard the joke about the two things that will improve a woman’s mood: “I love you” and “on sale”. It is an old one, but true nonetheless. If shopping is always a good idea, sale shopping is an even better one. Buying something on sale is a special feeling, make sure you don’t miss out. So gather up your strength and treat yourself to a little retail therapy: instant gratification guaranteed and effective immediately.

Now that you are ready to bag some bargains after the holiday rush, make sure to have a smart approach to sale shopping. Here we have five friendly tips so you can get the most out of your money, walk away with great clothes and avoid any post-purchase feelings of regret.

1- Make a plan

It all begins with preparation, as it is much better to have a targeted approach rather than wandering aimlessly around and buying on impulse.

The first and more crucial step is to know what you need, so take stock of your kids’ current wardrobe and identify the gaps on it, to avoid duplicating things they already have or not buying enough of what they actually lack. Determine which pieces are looking worn out or have been outgrown so you can replace them, and figure out which new items would come in handy.

Think ahead of any upcoming celebrations or special occasions that might be coming your way, as this is a great opportunity to buy the perfect outfit at a reduced price. This also applies to sourcing presents, so you might consider spending some time making a list.

Sales-2017-Blog-by-Amaia-Kids-children-clothing-dress2- Don’t wait

We know it can be tempting to wait for the prices to keep dropping so you get a better deal, but do keep in mind that pieces will sell out and sizes will go. So if you find what you need, get it now or you might regret it later, and all the more so if you are trying to put together matching looks for siblings.

Sales 2017 Blog by Amaia Kids children clothing boy girlIt is advisable to differentiate between things you need and things you like. Buy what you need now when it’s available to avoid disappointment, and allow yourself to wait longer for the rest, having made an informed decision and knowing that you can either benefit from further discounts or miss the opportunity altogether.

3- Stock up on good quality basics

Concentrate on staples that need replacing, not only clothes but also nightwear. Do not focus solely on the more expensive items such as coats and dresses but also invest in other wardrobe basics like shirts and knitwear. It is a good opportunity to complete your colour palette so you can get more combinations out of the pieces you already have.

Sales 2017 Blog by Amaia Kids children clothing pyjamasBuying for growth in the sales is a great idea, so think long term and you could save yourself a fortune. While it might seem ridiculous to buy an age two jacket for your three month old baby, it will still be a cute jacket in two years’ time and you’ll have paid a fraction of the price. Just make sure you remember where you put it!

Sales-2017-Blog-by-Amaia-Kids-children-clothing-jacket4- Don’t buy it just because it is on sale

A big discount can be enticing, but don’t buy something just because of it. A bargain is not a bargain if you don’t love it, it doesn’t fit correctly or your child will never wear it. Don’t be swayed by the low price, and ask yourself whether you would have even considered getting this particular item if it hadn’t been reduced.

5- If you can’t stop thinking about it buy it

So we have a plan, are ready to act on it and get only the things we need without being distracted by the discounts, right? Well, yes of course, but now it is also the time to indulge and get that darling dress you fell in love with but couldn’t bring yourself up to buy because your daughter didn’t really need another one. She will look so lovely in it, and with a 40% off it would be almost rude not to grab it!

Sales 2017 Blog by Amaia Kids children clothing yellow dressBottom line is, follow our tips and buy sensibly, but do also follow your heart. You can always tell yourself that since you bought it on sale, you actually made money… Not exactly true, but after all, the beauty of sale shopping is spending less money whilst having more fun!

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