Beat the January Blues away

January feels like a very long month. It starts with all the animation of the New Year celebrations, still on holiday mood, and the excitement of a brand new year full of expectations ahead of us. Then all of a sudden the festive season is well behind us, Christmas starts to look like a distant memory, kids are back at school and life goes slowly back to normal.

Sale shopping time keeps our spirits up for a bit longer, but then, after all the stimulation and energy of the past weeks, January Blues makes its appearance: this is the funk you enter because the holiday season is over, the days are still short, the weather is cold and spring is far away yet.

January Blues 2017 Blog by Amaia Kids children clothingWe are surrounded by many valuable recommendations to survive January: improve your diet, take vitamin supplements, exercise, go out, pamper yourself, take up a hobby, spend time with friends, plan a holiday… We are not convinced you need any extra ones, but just in case, here you have our contribution from Amaia Kids .


If you are feeling like the fun is over and winter will never end, why not create summer and light in your mind? Close your eyes and visualise a beautiful sunny morning, evoke happy moments at the beach, recreate the laughs of your children as they play in the water. Remember the cheerful mood of a summer holiday and delight in the joyful memories. This will allow positive feelings to flow through and it will give you a boost of optimism and cheerfulness.

January Blues 2017 Blog by Amaia Kids children clothing girl dress2- ROSY PROSPECTION: ANTICIPATION IS HALF THE FUN

After all the preparations for the festive season and those hectic weeks of celebrations, January can feel slow and dull by comparison, so having something to look forward to can help brighten up your mood. Anticipation of happiness is sometimes as great as happiness itself! Start planning your next vacation, dream up a new destination, discuss fun days out with your family. You can begin to instantly get in the right frame of mind by browsing the new Spring Summer collections just about to arrive in your favourite stores…

January Blues 2017 Blog by Amaia Kids children clothing Pink Girl3- BEAT THE BLUES: PAINT YOUR LIFE RAINBOW

According to the theories of chromotherapy, our emotional state can be affected by the colours we surround ourselves with, and choosing the right ones can make a positive impact on our outlook. And naturally, the easiest way to add some colour to our life starts with our wardrobes.

Red is invigorating, yellow is uplifting, pink is good natured, violet is reassuring, green promotes physical healing, blue is calming… the list goes on and on. So what better remedy than to take a sneak peek at the sweet palette of the freshly released Spring Summer clothes?

January Blues 2017 Blog by Amaia Kids children clothing white yellow dressAt any rate, we are prepared to wave January goodbye. Blue Monday, the most miserable day of the year, is already behind us - that was January 16th, if you believe a pseudo-scientifical equation that considers factors like weather conditions, finances, time elapsed since the festive season, failing new year’s resolutions and low motivational levels. And we are now heading towards the happiest Monday of the year, which according to the same so-called experts will be January 30th, which is supposed to be the day we finally shake off the festive hangover and start feeling invigorated and ready to look forward to the summer, despite the freezing temperatures outside.

In any case, whether you believe or not on these Blue Monday and Happy Monday theories, all we can say is… May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short!

January Blues 2017 Blog by Amaia Kids children clothing bow blue

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