Yeah They were all yellow

We wish every day would be beautiful but unfortunately that is not always the case, as the rain, snow and wind so prevalent this time of the year unkindly remind us. Some days you just have to create your own sunshine, and that is what yellow is for! And we are not the only ones who feel like that, painter Vincent Van Gogh once famously wrote: “How lovely yellow is, it stands for the sun! The sun, a light that for lack of a better word I can only call yellow, bright sulfur yellow, pale lemon gold”. You can almost feel the sun on your face just by reading this.

AK Yellow shirt kid

According to colour psychology, there are some colours capable of evoking certain moods and feelings, colours that affect our emotions, and yellow is definitely the perfect example. Obviously colour associations can be influenced by a number of different factors, including past experiences and diverse cultural meanings, but generally speaking most people will agree that yellow is a feel-good colour that captures the joy of sunshine and conveys youth and fun. Warm and cheerful, yellow is the brightest colour the human eye can see, it is an instant attention getter, an optimistic color that communicates happiness. It is the best colour to boost enthusiasm in our life, it is energizing and uplifting, and it feels welcoming and dynamic.

The colour yellow not only inspires all these emotions, but apparently it also has an effect over our behaviour and well-being. It is related to learning, as it resonates with the left, logical side of the brain, where it awakens perception and enhances concentration. It triggers new trains of thought, encourages curiosity and inspires practical creativity. Finally, experts claim that yellow also speeds the metabolism, stimulates the nerves and purifies the body. Not bad, right?

AK Yellow Dress GirlColours often have different meanings in various cultures, and they might evolve over the years. According to surveys in Western cultures, yellow is the color people most often identify with optimism, pleasure, amusement, gentleness, and spontaneity. As the colour of the light, it is also associated with knowledge and intelligence.

In Asian cultures, particularly in China, yellow is not only seen as the colour of happiness, but also of virtue, glory and wisdom. Yellow corresponds with earth and it is considered the most beautiful and prestigious colour, related to harmony and culture. The Chinese saying “Yellow generates Yin and Yang”, implies that yellow is the center of everything.

Yellow is also the most common colour of flowers, as it makes them the most visible and attractive to insects and birds. Yellow flowers send a message of cheer and florists recommend them as a sure way to brighten the day of the recipient as they carry the sunshine with them. Yellow is a happy colour and it is almost impossible to refrain from smiling when you see a bouquet of yellow flowers, as they transmit joy and lightheartedness. They are specially appropriate for celebrations among friends and family, as their soft shade is a symbol of optimism and pride, of friendship, new beginnings and intellectual energy.

AK Yellow shirt babyboyHere at Amaia Kids we absolutely love yellow! Call it yellow, jaune, amarillo, amarelo, gelb or huangse, we think it is one of the loveliest colours in all of its tonalities. It is the colour of lemons and corn, of bananas and pineapples, of vanilla and honey, of butterscotch and custard, of sunflowers and chrysanthemums, of daffodils and dandelions, of bumblebees and canaries, of sunlight and gold. And it is perfect for children clothes, cheery and radiant, an instant mood enhancer that makes our little ones shine, a joyful colour for happy kids. Whether we choose a solid colour piece or a lovely floral print, a monochromatic look or just some accents, when we dress our children in yellow we feel as if the sun came out to play.

AK Yellow Flowers Dress GirlDeciding to wear yellow is not only a fashion choice, it is also a way of giving in to a feeling, it is about getting sunshine on a cloudy day. It might not be your favourite colour or the most obvious choice, but your kids will look good and feel even better. And so will you, as beautiful, sunny yellow will make your soul sing, We bet you will find yourself humming the Coldplay song "Yellow" over and over:

“Look at the stars,

look how they shine for you,

and everything you do,

yeah, they were all yellow”.

Unless you are more into old 60s tracks, and then Donovan’s’ "Mellow Yellow" will be your accompanying song, you know the tune:

“They call me mellow yellow,

quite rightly,

they call me mellow yellow”

Or you can rely on a classic, and go for the Beatles’ "Yellow Submarine". Your kids will for sure chime in too! All together now:

“We all live in a yellow submarine,

yellow submarine, yellow submarine”

AK Yellow Dress GirlWe hope that by now you will agree with us and feel that yellow shines with optimism, enlightenment and happiness, and that we all need more yellow in our lives. Let’s stay on the sunny side of life!

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