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Here at Amaia Kids we are very busy at the moment working hard on our upcoming Spring Summer 18 collection (you can have a sneak peek here, SS18 Preview), but like everyone else we love to have some little breaks during the day, to have a cup of tea or just to clear our minds. So we have also been indulging in a bit of magazine browsing, as those glossy pages can be very difficult to resist. These past weeks they have been specially alluring, with all those gorgeous photos of families celebrating the holidays and other special events.

We could not help but notice that more often than not, the children pictured in the articles would be wearing adorable matching clothes, all perfectly pulled together in their classy coordinating outfits. And nothing could make us happier! As you probably know by now, we are big fans of matching outfits. We have a dedicated section in our webpage for you to find the best Matching Looks, and we have covered it several times here in our blog, because we love it. If you missed our posts but you would like to find out more, please go to Ready to Match, Beginners Guide to Mix and Match or Pick and Mix Matching Outfits. There are some useful tips for you to create your own amazing coordinating looks.

Amaia Kids Matching Looks SS2018 Matching Looks 2

If by now you are still wondering why we are so enamoured of the idea of matching looks, it probably is because we are inspired by the special bond a family share, and somehow we mean to strengthen it. We adore seeing the little ones proudly wearing their carefully combined clothes, as a way to show the world that they go together and they complement each other the same way their outfits do.

Amaia Kids Matching Looks SS2018 Matching Looks 3

Dressing siblings in matching clothes is also a timeless tradition, and we love the fact that we are passing it on to our own children. Our mothers made us wear coordinating attires as kids, and now we are doing the same. And yes, we know, maybe back then we might not always have been that happy about it, but as adults our hearts melt a bit every time we look at those old photos, as what we see in them is that no matter how much we have grown and changed, we still belong together. And those memories will last a lifetime... Last summer we watched a documentary about the late Princess Diana, when Prince Harry started talking about the way his mother used to dress him and his brother Prince William in matching outfits, and he jokingly complained about it. Then he went on and claimed he will for sure dress his kids the same way. We had to laugh out loud, he totally got it!

So yes, we are massively enjoying the fact that more and more people are embracing our fondness for matching outfits. It is not boring, on the contrary, it is exciting and creative, as you can put together your own unique look by playing around with separates and combining them so all children complement each other. Play with colours, patterns and styles and mix them until you find what inspires you.

Amaia Kids Matching Looks SS2018 Matching Looks 4

Also keep in mind that the looks you are creating are not static, they can be remixed and recreated as many times as you want, you just have to change the accessories or alter the colour combination. This is something we like to insist on, as we have heard some of you wonder about the fact that opting for a matching approach can somehow limit the wearability of the clothes. There is no reason to worry, on the contrary!

Amaia Kids Matching Looks SS2018 Matching Looks 5

It is also worth mentioning that the matching outfits you have today could still be worn in the future. As our families grow we would like to continue dressing our children in the matching style we like, but at the same time we want to be able to make the most of the darling clothes we already have. After all, when we invest in good quality pieces we expect them to last long and to be passed on to younger siblings. We can of course still do both! By the time we welcome a new arrival into the family we might not have the option to source the same pattern or the same model, but it is very easy to find something in the same colour palette. Accessories once again will be your best friends: matching socks, tights and knitwear can tie together otherwise different outfits, so that a lovely dress can be worn by your youngest and your eldest can have some cute new clothes that will still perfectly match.

Amaia Kids Matching Looks SS2018 Matching Looks 6

Well, our break is over and now we have to go back to work on our new Spring Summer collection. Hopefully it won’t be long till we might spot again one of our lovely pieces in our favorite glossy magazines, as it is always the most delightful surprise. And if we got to see matching outfits, that would definitely be the icing on the cake!

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