Flower Power | Floral Collection

Flowers, flowers everywhere! We definitely feel like spring already sprung as we are surrounded by the cutest, sweetest floral prints. Florals are big news this spring… as every spring, right? Yes, we know, there is nothing new about that, but we get all excited nonetheless, the same way we get all happy when seeing the sun after the rain.

Amaia Kids Flowers SS18You might be thinking that we are getting a bit carried away, but it is difficult to rein in our enthusiasm. Flowers make us happy, and we hope it is contagious, because as they say ¨happiness held is the seed, happiness shared is the flower¨.

And it is not only us at Amaia Kids, as several studies have found that flowers boast an abundance of benefits aside from adding a splash of colour to our environment. They apparently trigger positive emotions, increase feelings of life satisfaction and affect social behaviour in a helpful manner. They improve emotional health and have an immediate effect on our wellbeing. So yes, all the hours we have spent choosing the most beautiful floral prints and working on the best designs have had an impact on us and we are looking forward to passing it on to you....Amaia Kids Flower Power SS18

Our new Amaia Kids Spring Summer 18 Collection collection has been especially blossoming and we are delighted to introduce our darling new designs: from small delicate flowers in dreamy pastel hues to more vibrant alternatives in primary colours, you will be spoilt for choice with our beautiful vintage take on a spring classic.

Flower Power Amaia Kids Floral Collection 2

Because nothing spells spring like our choice of Liberty of London floral prints, and we simply can't wait to see our sweet little girls wearing them. It is the most stylish, simple and easy way to wear fashion, a timeless choice we revisit every year as no one can resist its allure. Exquisitely hand smocked dresses, light summer dresses, cute bloomers, girly blouses or adorable baby sets, we have them all.

Flower Power Amaia Kids Floral Collection 2

It is after all a matter of personal taste, but there is one thing a floral print fabric has to be: good quality. Lower versions of floral dresses are to fashion what plastic bouquets are to real flowers, just not chic. We at Amaia Kids work only with the finest materials, and as far as floral prints are concerned there is nothing better than Liberty of London, renowned for its mood lifting florals since 1875. Take a look at our cutest designs in Liberty floral prints, enjoy the soft touch of its unique legendary cotton and admire the incomparable colours.

Flower Power Amaia Kids Floral Collection 2We are now talking about our new collection, but of course we love flowers for all seasons. Because there might have been a time when florals were worn just between April and August, but we like to keep the pattern in bloom all year round. We like the extra cheer that flowers bring into fashion, so we just adapt the style, choosing rich autumn colours and muted backgrounds for the cold months and replacing them by pretty pastels and lighter fabrics as spring approaches.

Amaia Kids Flower Power 5

We adore all floral fabrics, from the dainty tiny blooms to the bolder, bigger blossoms; we love the soft pastels of spring, the bright hues of summer and the moodier palette of winter. Whether you prefer daisies, roses or lilies, tossed around or arranged in dreamy bouquets, realistic looking or more whimsical, retro or modern, you can find a print that will speak to your heart and make it sing.

Amaia Kids Flower Power 7

In fact, floral prints are the perfect transitional look, as many pieces work throughout the year with just a few little changes to adapt them to the current season. A flowery dress from the fall collection can be paired with socks and a cotton cardigan in light shades and still be worn well into spring; the other way round, you can add tights and woolen knitwear to a summery piece to make it last as the weather gets colder. We always talk about layers, and once again layering is the best way to make your daughter´s floral clothes work across seasons.

Flower Power Amaia Kids Floral Collection 2

This spring, flowers will be blooming everywhere around you. We know we are not there yet, but just by looking at our floral collection we can already taste the light, bright, happy sensations that accompany the warmer weather. We hope you feel the same!