Earning our stripes

When we think about a wardrobe staple, stripes always come to mind. There is nothing more classic than stripes, and at the same time as fashion forward.

Stripes Amaia Kids 1

This favourite pattern unfailingly stands the test of time and the rapid change of trends and it is a permanent resident in our closets and dressers, for all of us. Because when you think of it, there are not many styles so versatile and eclectic, so global in their appeal that can be worn by children and adults alike, by both men and women.

Stripes 2 Amaia Kids

Striped clothes are basic pieces that transcend trends, age groups, genders and occasions. Amazing, right? This is a pattern equally suitable for formal events, meetings at the office and weekend plans, that belongs equally in the boardroom and in the playground. There is no other print that can be seen on a bankers’ suit, a toddler’s romper, a business woman’s shirt and a little girl’s dress, and that looks just as appropriate on all them. Stripes truly go with everything, fit everyone and always look great.

Stripes Amaia Kids 3

Striped patterns in fashion evolve constantly and get reinvented every season, managing to be both a classic choice and a fashion statement at the same time. They also have a fascinating ability to adapt their mood to the environment, from the cheerful insouciance they transmit when seen at the beach to the serious respectability they present at the workplace.

Stripes are an everlasting favorite that has never gone out of fashion - and never will! -, as their timeless charm creates an easy, effortless look with an added side of cool. But, believe it or not, that was not always the case.

Stripes Amaia Kids 4

The first striped clothes made an appearance in the Middle Ages, and back then they were considered demeaning and even offensive so they were worn only by social outcasts. For centuries they stayed that way, even becoming a regular prison uniform.

All that changed at the end of the 19th century when English Queen Victoria dressed her then four year old son Prince Albert Edward (the future King Edward VII) in a sailor suit to board the Royal Yacht, and suddenly kids wearing nautical-inspired outfits became fashionable. Yes, the influence of royal children goes way back! Around that time swimmers also adopted the style and started wearing navy blue and white striped bathing suits, launching the connection between stripes and beachwear that still exists today.

Stripes Amaia KIds 5

But the first proper appearance of stripes in fashion had to wait until the beginning of the 20th century, when Mademoiselle Coco Chanel was inspired during a seaside vacation by the classic navy blue and white striped t-shirts worn by sailors. That famous t-shirt, popularly known as Breton, had been the traditional attire of the French Navy but ended up being adopted by all seamen across the country. She decided to create her own version of it, and by doing that she took the bold stripes mainstream. A new trend had been born, and it was here to stay.

Since then, stripes have been at the forefront of fashion, and not only the nautical ones. Designers like Missoni, Sonia Rykiel, Jean Paul Gaultier and Paul Smith always use stripes to express their creativity collection after collection. And of course, so do we, yours truly Amaia Kids!

Stripes Amaia Kids 6

Because stripes are an absolute must-have in a kid’s wardrobe, a fun yet classy pattern, both classic and cool. It is perfect for all seasons but we can simply not imagine a summer without stripes! Nice weather, warm sun and striped clothes are the winning recipe for good times.

Stripes come in all shapes and sizes, from bold to subtle, from supersize to extra skinny; vertical horizontal or diagonal, monochrom or multicolour. They have specific names, like hairline stripes, pinstripes, pencil stripes, bengals, awnings; Bayadere stripes, Roman stripes, Serpentine stripes, and many more, and they all add a special allure to any outfit, each in their own style.

Stripes Amaia Kids 7

So many options, right? Well, we have chosen the nicest ones for our Spring Summer 18 collection, and we are proud to present different versions of our favourite stripes. And we of course think that every single one of them are adorable and perfect, and we know that we should not have a preferred one, but… we are particularly happy with our selection of seersucker  pieces, as they are just ideal for summer.

Stripes Amaia Kids 8

We love this thin cotton fabric, with its characteristic wrinkled appearance, its unique texture and its trademark stripes. It is cute and also practical, as the way it is woven makes the fabric stay away from the skin when worn, so it lets the air circulate and combats the heat. Light and breathable, it also dries quickly and looks great straight out of the laundry, no ironing required. And if, like us, you ever wondered where its name came from, it comes from the Persian name shirushakar, literally meaning milk and sugar, probably from the resemblance of its smooth and rough stripes to the smooth texture of milk and the bumpy texture of sugar. The English found the fabric trading in India in the 1600s and anglicized its original name transforming it into seersucker.

Stripes Amaia Kids 9

So, we have without a doubt shown you our true stripes by now… We can’t get enough of them, and we are sure you will feel the same after checking our new designs. Because no matter what you might have heard, there is no such a thing as too many stripes. Time to stripe it up!