Mother's Day

Weekends are always eagerly anticipated as we all have very busy lives. We look forward for a couple of days where we can slow down and get to enjoy ourselves, relax a bit and spend some quality time together. But this upcoming weekend is especially exciting for us mums in the UK, as we will be celebrating Mother’s Day, also known here as Mothering Sunday.

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This year the British Mother’s day falls in the same week as the International Women's Day, which takes place worldwide on the 8th of March, so we have two reasons to celebrate. If we are lucky, that would mean more flowers coming our way… In any case, we have it covered because our Amaia Kids Spring Summer 18 Collection is full of amazing flowers. Not only we have a beautiful floral collection, we also get to enjoy the sweet mimosas that appear in many of our lookbook pictures. Because very aptly, in many countries mimosas are the flowers chosen to celebrate International Women’s Day, following a tradition that started in Italy in 1946.

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Mimosa blossoms represent a perfect combination of strength and sensitivity, which makes them the ideal flower to celebrate women, and their bright colour and delicious scent immediately lift our spirits. We definitely enjoyed them at our photoshoot!

Mothers Day Amaia Kids Mother Day SS18 Collection 6

In the UK we celebrate Mother’s Day on the fourth Sunday of Lent, exactly three weeks before Easter Day. SInce Easter itself is determined by the lunar calendar, the day will fall on different dates every year. It has a religious origin, as for centuries this specific Sunday was the one day the household servants who lived away from home were allowed to go visit their ¨Mother Church¨, the church where they were baptised, hence the name ¨Mothering Sunday¨. They would take advantage of the occasion to visit their families and of course their mothers, but that was not the intended purpose of the day.

Meanwhile, in the US, Anna Jarvis started a campaign for the country to dedicate a day to honour mothers. She saw her efforts rewarded when in 1914 President Wilson designated the second Sunday in May as a national holiday known as Mother’s Day.

So the British religious Mothering Sunday tradition met the American secular Mother’s Day, and they merged into what we celebrate nowadays in the UK.

Mothers Day Amaia Kids Mother Day SS18 Collection 6

Most countries around the world now celebrate Mother’s Day. Many do it in May, due to the American influence, like Spain and Portugal on the first Sunday, or France on the last Sunday.

So Mother’s Day might be celebrated on different dates, and it might not have the same origin in every country, but there is one thing they all have in common: it is a day of gratefulness and recognition. It is a festivity created to honour mothers, a special occasion that allows them to feel the appreciation and love they deserve.

And mothers do deserve it, because being a mother is great, but it is also hard. There must be a reason why being a mother is defined at the same time as being the best job in the world, and the toughest one, right?

Mothers Day Amaia Kids Mother Day SS18 Collection 6

So here at Amaia Kids want to take advantage of the occasion to thank you all for letting us be part of your mothering journey, to let you know how much we appreciate that you choose us, that you trust us to be the right choice for your children, and how proud you make us feel.

You might have read those amusing fake job descriptions of motherhood, where they detail all the things mothers do: childcare, teaching, cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, chauffeuring, nursing, counseling… Well, we would like to add another line of work to this already impressive list of things mothers take care of: fashion stylist.

Mothers Day Amaia Kids Mother Day SS18 Collection 6

We at Amaia Kids have the privilege of seeing first hand how much effort you put into choosing the perfect clothes for your little ones, how much you care about finding the right outfit. We know, because you have shared it with us, that there are many aspects you take into account before deciding what to buy for your precious kids.

  • You look for the ideal style that suits your family: timeless and classy, but also fun and charming. Chic and elegant, but comfortable and practical too.
  • You want top quality, because natural fabrics and soft materials like cotton or wool are better for your kids’ sensitive skin, but also because you care about the environment.

Mothers Day Amaia Kids Mother Day SS18 Collection 6

  • You expect the clothes to last and to resist wear and tear not only because that is a good investment, but also because you cherish them and you enjoy being able to pass them on to younger siblings or to store them away for the future.
  • You acknowledge the benefit of knowing where your kids’ clothes come from and to be able to trace their origins, as opposed to buying from mass produced retail lines, since that means that the whole manufacturing process is carefully monitored. You like that our products are made in Spain, using only traditional methods and crafts and benefiting from the experience and skill of the artesans we work with.

We are all looking forward to Sunday. We hope for breakfast in bed, pretty flowers, handmade cards and a delicious meal out. Thoughtful gifts would be gladly received, chocolates and wine are always nice and surprises are indeed delightful. But most of all, we look forward to feeling the love, and we are sure you do too. So please let us get started: Happy Mother’s Day from your friends at Amaia Kids, with all our love and appreciation!