Easter Best

Spring is here, finally, even if some days it feels like winter is not ready to let go. But we know it is on its way out, and the blooming flowers all around us are a reminder that real spring is just around the corner.

It is not only the crocuses and daffodils and the milder temperatures that announce spring, it is also the Easter frenzy that surrounds us. Because spring and Easter go together, and all those delicious chocolate eggs, fluffy bunnies and lovely pastel toned decorations are getting us all excited.

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 Easter is one of the most important religious festivities for Christians, but nowadays it is also a time to rejoice in the arrival of spring. It is a great occasion to celebrate with family and friends and to share the numerous traditions that make Easter such a lovely season. Delicious food, yummy candy, chocolate in all shapes, the Easter bunny, egg decorations, baskets full of goodies, to name just a few, and of course the Easter Dress.

Amaia Kids Easter Best SS18

The Easter Dress, also known as Easter Best, is the tradition of wearing new clothes on Easter Sunday. It dates back to ancient times and it had a meaning of renewal and good luck that Christianity later adopted. It progressively lost its religious significance but it is still a fun tradition to look forward to and kids love it, as they associate the new clothes with the rest of the exciting things going on the day.

 Here at Amaia Kids we have the most adorable selection of dresses for you to choose from, and the cutest outfits for everyone to wear if you decide to embrace the tradition. As always, we are more than happy to guide you, so here are some things to take into account when deciding on your Easter Dress.

Amaia Kids Easter Best SS18

  • Unpredictable weather

Easter Sunday is always in spring, a season of unpredictably climate and even more so at the beginning, so it is very difficult to foresee how the weather will be on the day. Keep it in mind when choosing the clothes and make sure they can be customized according to the conditions. If you have matching cardigans and tights at the ready your children will be able to wear their pretty outfits and still look special for the occasion.

Amaia Kids Easter Best SS18

  • Spring tones

Easter attire traditionally reflects the colours of the blooming trees and the blossoming flowers, so think classic pastel hues and soft colours. Floral prints are also the perfect choice to celebrate the arrival of the spring and to add to the joyful mood of the new season.

Amaia Kids Easter Best SS18

Easter and spring also mean… vacations! The Easter Holiday or Spring Break is happily welcomed after the long winter, and many families take advantage of it to travel. Trips are full of fun, but when kids are involved they require some careful planning.

It doesn’t matter if you are going on a late season ski trip, exploring a new country or headed to a sunny beach, there is no way to escape the need to pack your suitcases. Packing is never a simple task but with a bit of organization it can become much easier.

 We already shared our tips for a stress-free packing, but since it is always worth remembering, here it is a quick overview.

Amaia Kids Easter Best SS18

  • Plan ahead

Think about your destination and the prospective activities. Make sure you look at the weather forecast beforehand, as this time of the year it can change massively and you want to be prepared.

  • Make a list, or even two 

One list of the essential things you need and another list of the actual clothes. Having a list allows you to check and double check that you will pack everything you need, and it also helps you decide whether you really need it or not.

List of essentials: snacks, entertainment, lovies, first aid kit and zip top bags. Any other items your child can not live without.

Amaia Kids Easter Best SS18

List of clothes: invest some time thinking about how many clothes to pack, how they will work together and how to maximize the combinations. Follow the “think small, think smart” principle, and keep comfort in mind.

  • A classic rule of thumb is to pack an outfit per day plus an extra one, up to one week worth of clothes. Even if you don’t have access to laundry facilities, kids’ clothes can easily be washed in a sink. 
  • Pick pieces that can be combined, that mix and match and can be layered, and do not forget shoes and accessories. By doing this you can create different outfits without having to overpack.
  • Stock on basics like underwear, socks, tights and pyjamas. Always add a swimsuit, it doesn’t take any space but it might come in handy, and even if you are going to a warm place pack a light jacket or sweater.

Amaia Kids Easter Best SS18

  • Pack your bags

You can fold the clothes or you can roll them into tube shapes. It is a matter of choice, but in both cases make sure you have easy access and everything is visible so there is no need to dig through the bag.

If flying you should pack a small separate bag to bring with you as a carry-on, to be safe in case of delays or lost luggage. Include a change of underwear and one outfit  (choose from the ones already in your packing list), toothbrushes, chargers for your electronics, snacks and tissues and wet wipes for emergency clean ups. If your children are old enough to take care of their own bags let them pack a kid-sized bag or small backpack with their favourite things, like a stuffed toy or blanket, books, colouring pads and games.

Amaia Kids Easter Best SS18

Whatever your plans for Easter are we hope you have the best of times. If you are honouring the old tradition of wearing new clothes to welcome the spring, we are sure your kids will look their Easter Best on their Easter Dress. And if you are ready to enjoy the break embarking on a family vacation, pack smart and have a lovely trip. Happy Easter from all of us at Amaia Kids!