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Wedding Bells

Hello fellow Mamas!
Londoner mother of three (a boy “Pumpkin”, a girl “Poppy” and my newborn “Baby”), I love children’s fashion and sharing motherhood tips.

Congratulations to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle! After the birth of Prince Louis, the whole nation is happy to celebrate again with the Royal Family!

Wedding bells are ringing as the ceremony season is in full bloom. As every year, we are invited to a few weddings, christenings, first communions etc. When Pumpkin and Poppy are invited as page boy and flower girl, I’m always proud and happy as I think it will be an exciting memory for them but it is also the occasion to see them wearing ravishing clothes which they don’t get to wear even when they are on their Sunday best. However, I also truly enjoy when they are invited as regular guests as I get to choose their outfits!

As you may guess, I love when they wear matching outfits and Amaia is almost the only place where you can find matching clothes for your son, your daughter and your baby altogether. For me, dressing them with matching clothes ensures a perfect style on the pictures but most importantly it emphasizes that there are a “team” as my husband and I like to call them; we try to teach them that as a team they will always be here for each other to care, help and protect each other whether in the playground, at school or in their bedroom.

For matchy looks, stripes and vichy are always a safe bet, they will indeed fit with any child’s style and character and Amaia’s soft blue and pretty pink of this season will suit any child’s complexion. For a wedding in July by the sea, I have chosen a matching look around vichy with the pink vichy dress for Poppy, the blue vichy Pereprine shirt for Pumpkin and the blue vichy Magpie bloomer for Baby. To finish of the look, I have added white accessories for the three of them. Won’t they look utterly cute?

Wedding Bells Amaia Kids Clothing London Matching Outfits 1 Wedding Bells Amaia Kids Clothing London Matching Outfits 1 Wedding Bells Amaia Kids Clothing London Matching Outfits 3

White with shades of grey or with light blue is always a good idea for summer ceremonies as it conveys an idea of purity and freshness. It is also versatile and can be worn on several occasions.

Lastly, I love this modern matching look with chic Fil a Fil blue and white stripes and plain Indigo which my team will wear at a civil wedding in London in June.

Wedding Bells Amaia Kids Clothing London Matching Outfits 4

As a general rule, I always choose their outfit according to the sort of ceremony and the location and when in doubt Amaia’s lovely team is always ready to help with acute advice.

For boys, I tend to choose shirts for a more formal look ideal for a city or country wedding. Mandarin collared shirts offer a more modern look which is perfect for a beach wedding and they can be easily worn after. Then, I prefer shorts for Pumpkin, and if the weather is a bit chilly, I just add a pair of knee high socks and he looks smart while being warm. To finish off the look, a navy cardigan will fit with everything and be handy when the evening comes, or an utterly elegant navy jacket for a mini Dad style!

Now with girls comes all the fun! Classic dresses with puff sleeves, round collar and embroidery like the Moohren dress will suit any little girl and reminds me of the dresses I used to wear as a little girl. For a formal ceremony, I love the sophisticated Riley dress or the elegant Anastasia dress with its big ruffles sleeves and tull belt. For a full summer beach wedding, sleeveless dresses like the Amelia or the Clare will magnify adorable golden summer shoulders.

For babies, delicate rompers or bloomers with a frilled collared blouse will showcase Baby’s irresistible plump thighs and arms, the only downside is that everyone will want to kiss him as much as you!

Accessories are really the crucial final touch when it comes to ceremony outfits as they finish off a look but also enables to play with the outfit. With different shoes, socks and hair bows, the same dress can thus be worn several times as it will completely change its look.

Lastly for a Royal wedding, Amaia’s exquisite Special Occasion’s collection will blow you away and if you have a dream dress in mind you can always go for Amaia’s bespoke service!

Wedding Bells Amaia Kids Clothing London Matching Outfits 10 Wedding Bells Amaia Kids Clothing London Matching Outfits 10

And they lived happily ever after!

My top tips for perfect little guests at a wedding

  • Explain what a wedding is and emphasize its importance for the bride and the groom
  • Show your children some pictures of your own wedding and highlight how cute and well behaved the children look on the pictures (even if it was not the reality behind the scenes!)
  • Bring some healthy snacks that won’t end up with dirty sticky fingers leaving stains on their clothes, or worst, on your own!
  • Pack a few tiny toys in a fabric bag to keep them busy when needed
  • Don’t forget tissues and water wipes in case those tiny fingers get dirty!
  • Don’t hesitate to bribe them for a family picture (sometimes you have to get it right if you don’t want to feel humiliated in front of the whole family!).
  • And most importantly, let them have fun, run, get excited and disheveled!