Tic, Tac, Time for your Summer Getaway!

Hello fellow Mamas!

Londoner mother of three (a boy “Pumpkin”, a girl “Poppy” and my newborn “Baby”), I love children’s fashion and sharing motherhood tips.

 This time of the year always gets frantic with the children Sports Day, the school end-of-year Show, the weddings/baptisms, the numerous parties we and the children are invited to and with the horrendous administrative tasks to finish so that we can get a lovely fresh start in September.

On top of that long “to do” list, comes packing! Although I love packing, this year it will be more challenging as we will go to the seaside, the country and even the Alps! Driving, flying and boarding on a train, we will have it all! I will come back to you in August with some tips to travel alone with your children (yes you have heard me, ALONE!). To survive packing and travelling, I know only one strategy: organisation.

When I say organisation, I mean military organisation (my grandfather who was in the Army was a colonel, it was also his family nickname, and my darling Husband likes to call me the same!). Anyway, I’m digressing too much today instead of staying focus and … organised!

Every year, before packing for our long summer holiday, I always take the opportunity of the sale to finish off the children’s wardrobes (and mine, needless to say). Here is my selection of Amaia’s last pieces of the summer collection to shop for our holiday.

For our refreshing country holiday where we will enjoy running in the corn fields, camping in the garden, cherry picking, cooking summer pies with our own crop, playing in a hut, organising a great treasure hunt with the cousins…

Amaia KIds Summer Getaway

 Next, we are off to the sea with some friends: long hours of fun at the beach, picnic, ice creams, freshly caught fishes and delicious seafood, lots of sun cream, cocktails while admiring beautiful sunsets are on the menu.

Amaia KIds Summer Getaway

Lastly, we will go to the Alps where we will be hiking with Baby in the backpack gazing at fascinating landscapes and immerging ourselves with the mountains’wildlife, relishing an healthy and active holiday, savouring fresh mornings and hot sunny afternoons with swims in cool lake water.

Amaia KIds Summer Getaway

Don’t forget to pack an exquisite nightwear! You won’t regret it when your children come to greet your guests before supper!

Amaia KIds Summer Getaway

Have a fantastic holiday!

Top tips for a smooth packing:

  • I use some cotton bags to organise the children’s suitcase: for each child I get one for the underwear, one for the swimming suits, one for the accessories, one for Baby’s muslins and bibs, one for the soft toys etc.
  • I play with the children’s clothes as if they were Lego but I always sort them per child: so on the left of the suitcase, there are Pumpkin’s clothes, on the right Poppy’s and on the top Baby’s enormous summer wardrobe (bigger than his sister’s!). This allows me to unpack super quickly. I then pile on the three wash bags.
  • If we are going to arrive at night, I place the pajamas and Baby’s sleeping bag at the top.
  • I stack up all the children shoes in a handy long divider pocket inside the suitcase.
  • For my own suitcase; I start with my shoes in their dust bags, then the shirts, tops and jumpers, I go on laying the trousers, the dresses, the skirts and shorts, and lastly my swimming costumes’ cotton bag and my lingerie one. If I’m travelling with delicate clothes (for a wedding or a party) I place them carefully on top with some tissue paper. And it’s often when I think my suitcase is ready that I realised I still have to find space for my wash bag and my make-up bag!