Can you hear whistling the end of game?

Alas summer is nearly over, it’s time to go back to London. I’m always a bit nostalgic when September is around the corner; gone are the long hours outdoor, the routine-free fun-filled days with lots of friends and cousins, the indulgent ice creams just before lunch or just after tea, the simple joy of gazing at beautiful landscapes, the endless discussions with cocktails at the sunset…

Now it’s time to get back to a routine, to realise that Poppy needs to practice her pen grip, to remind the children some table manners and to reintroduce vegetables, to book their after-school activities with no overlap (I will try to avoid booking Pumpkin’s tennis lesson at 4 when Poppy has ballet at 4:30 in a completely different place as I did last year!), to label their uniform clothes (long sewing evenings are waiting for me but with a cup of tea and a new Netflix series, it should become more enjoyable) and to take them to the hairdresser for that neat back-to-school cut that is truly mandatory after six weeks of neglected hair!

Nevertheless, there are a few things I like about September: wearing knit again, the ritual of buying new pair of shoes for the children and attending Baby’s first Monkey Music session. I will probably get emotional and make a fool of myself; I’ve always considered it as a big step!

However, the best about September for a shopalcoholic like me is the arrival of the new collections! I can’t wait to go to my favourite stores, but in the meantime, I have had a sneak peek on Amaia’s website and found a few lovely items to start building up the children’s new wardrobes.

For Poppy, I have selected these delicate outfits with pastel prints to extend the joyful summer vibes.

Amaia Kids New Collection

For Baby, who is already too big for the newborn clothes, it’s time to move on to adorable bloomers and shirts.

Amaia Kids New Collection

And for Pumpkin who has grown so much this summer and who definitely needs some new clothes, I have found some big boy’s clothes!

Amaia Kids Boys

My Back-to-School To Do List:

  • Get back to a routine
  • Book the children after-school activities
  • Label the uniform clothes
  • Book an appointment with the hair dresser
  • Measure their feet and buy new shoes if needed
  • Sort out the summer mail and paper work
  • Download the 653 holiday pictures and make a selection
  • Start shopping as a treat!