Best Winter Investments: Coats and Shoes

Hello fellow Mamas!

Londoner mother of three (a boy “Pumpkin”, a girl “Poppy” and my newborn “Baby”), I love children’s fashion and sharing motherhood tips.

Alas this lovely Indian Summer is fading away and chilly days are coming ahead so let’s get ready for Winter! There is no better ally to ensure our little ones enjoy Winter without running noses than THE coat!

A good coat is warm, sturdy, elegant, comfortable and practical, it also needs to go nicely with every color and to be versatile enough so that it can be worn at a party, for school, for a special occasion or just to go to the park.

As usual, I went to Amaia to have a look at their coats and I have found one for Poppy and one for Pumpkin while Baby will get his brother’s much-loved toddler coat, bought a couple of years ago at … Amaia of course! You can’t beat their top quality and top look coats: made in Spain by traditional ateliers, in 100% boiled wool and with sophisticated attention to details. A good coat is definitely worth the investment as it will be worn every day for six months and can be handed down to youngest siblings or relatives.

For Poppy, I chose the Razorbil. I just love this Austrian style, it reminds me of a coat I treasured as a child which belonged to one of my dearest older cousins. The fitted shape is flattering for any little girl and the matching bonnet will look beyond adorable! After hesitating between blue, grey or burgundy, I finally went for the burgundy as it is definitely this winter’s colour!

Amaia Kids AW 18

For Pumpkin, I chose the Redwinck jacket in this beautiful luminous Dutch blue with navy piping details. It is so easy to wear, chic and robust enough to withstand my dear boy’s rough play! Look at the buttons, they are chic country style perfection!

Amaia Kids AW 18

Now, the second necessary Winter investment is shoes! Shoes for every day, for special occasions, for Christmas, for birthday parties, shoes to match an outfit, shoes for your Baby’s first steps, you name it, they have it at Amaia!

As for coats, top quality is essential to a good pair of shoes. It is also key that they are well fitted and hardwearing, while shape and colour are the fun part!

Amaia Kids AW18

Amaia Kids AW 18

Wrap up your little ones, adorn their little feet and off they are for new Winter adventures!

Amaia Kids AW18