Highlands Spirits

Wherever I wander, wherever I rove

The hills of the Highlands forever I love

Robert Burns (1759-1796)

For the new collection, made in its traditional Spanish ateliers, Amaia invites you to an enchanting stroll in the countryside. With the Flower Power line, we enjoyed a lovely day in an English garden indulging under the Indian Summer’s light.

Now the weather is changing, the mornings are getting cooler, the days are shortening, it’s time to wear tartan and to celebrate the breathtaking Scotland! This year, Amaia chose three different tartans revolving around shades of blue and green, evocative of the verdant hills and the translucent water of the lochs.

Let’s continue Amaia’s journey with the Highlands Spirit Line; a walk in the dramatic Scottish landscapes.

We set off by a crisp morning in the misty land surrounded by rough mountains and hills with our classic and timeless dark navy and green cotton tartan. The children enjoy running in the wild plain with brown and red heath wherever we look at.

Time to wear Tartan Amaia Kids

Suddenly, we reach a glittering pristine loch nested in the hills with our bright blue and green tartan in soft warm flannel with vibrant green details.

Time to wear Tartan Amaia KidsTime to wear Tartan Amaia Kids

We cross the deep green woodlands to arrive at a gothic castle towering the valley with its robust and elegant austerity where we are invited for lunch wearing our soft and warm flannel tartan with navy and mustard stripes and refined navy velvet details. After a robust lunch, we take turns in telling stories about Nessie, elves, kelpies and selkies by a roaring fire.

Time to wear Tartan Amaia Kids

Timeless, warm, authentic and versatile, tartan is the fabric that embodies best British culture and is a must-have piece for your little ones. Whether it’s for a special occasion or for every day, tartan will add elegance to any outfit.

Matchy looks for brothers, sisters and babies, bloomers, shorts, dresses, skirts, all-in-ones, you are certain to find your tartan at Amaia!