Wrapping Time!

Am I going to share my Christmas gifts wrapping skills (actually, it would be my sister’s)? Well, not really, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about knitwear today! December could indeed be “the knitwear month”: Christmas jumpers, pretty cardigans for a Christmas outfit, “après-ski” jumpers to feel warm yet elegant … you a need good knitwear for every occasion and every destination! So, as usual, I went to check what Amaia had in store to wrap our little ones.

Babies’ Knitwear

I fell in love with this adorable new set, Ortensia, the perfect gift for a newborn baby. It comes in an array of delicate pastel colours: light blue, ivory, pearl grey and dusty pink. Incredibly soft and warm, it’s an exquisite garment which you are sure to see worn again and again. The knit details at the top of the jumper, on the cuffs and on the edge add a touch of classic refinement while the elasticated waist band and the back opening with mother of pearl buttons ensure that baby will be comfortable.

Amaia Kids Knitwear

Christmas Jumpers

These beautiful, fairisle cardigans and jumpers are the timeless childhood chic personified (let’s not be afraid of grandiloquence!). I just had to get one for Pumpkin, Poppy and Baby! They wore them for the first time last Saturday to see The Snowman at the Peacock Theatre and they looked so cute! This garment has everything you would expect from a Christmas jumper: they are warm and snug with a blend of wool and cashmere and they have this festive look with fairisle print which will make them ideal for Christmas. However, when I say they are the perfect Christmas jumper, it’s because they are versatile enough to be easily and beautifully worn throughout the Winter season. They come in round collar cardigans for little girls and slightly raised neck collar with three side buttons for boys, so your young tribe can be matchy! The difficulty now will be to choose between the berry red or the bright midnight blue!

Holiday Jumpers

For Winter holiday, whether you are heading off to the country or to the Alps, the Iris is a safe bet. Warm, soft and comfortable, the hood brings a modern touch while the double row of mother of pearls buttons fastening and the lovely knit details make it elegant. This beautiful and practical piece comes in pink, light grey and navy blue to fit within any wardrobe and to please both brothers and sisters.

Celebrations Knitwear

When dressing up for an event, I find it very important to enhance the style of the dress or the shorts with the appropriate cardigan. It can really be the final touch to an outfit, but it also enables to wear differently the same outfit. For girls, you can choose between the Daisy model with its classic shape or the more fitted Grape one with its knit details round the collar, the cuffs and the edge which is Amaia’s knitwear signature. The red rust will fit beautifully with the Gooseberry Liberty dress or the red and grey Tartan Fig dress. As for boys, you can either choose a V-neck cardigan or a V-neck jumper to match the red and grey Tartan shorts or the burgundy Velvet ones. These sophisticated and stylish cardigans and jumpers are made with mix of wool and cashmere to ensure your little ones are warm and cosy.

Wishing you a wonderful Winter Holiday,


*Londoner mother of three (a boy “Pumpkin”, a girl “Poppy” and my newborn “Baby”), our contributor loves children’s fashion and sharing motherhood tips.