Candy Floss, the sweet taste of childhood

Spring is just around the corner so brighten up your children’s wardrobe with Amaia’s beautiful palette of cheerful sweet pinks and graceful floral prints!

For Spring and Summer 2019, come along and set sails with Amaia’s Good Vibes collection on a trip from the dramatic rough Scottish landscapes to a Provence orchard garden and its abundance of fruits and flowers, through the Mediterranean blues and handmade Andalusian ceramics to the lively colourful tropical Caribbean!

After our first stop on the Scottish Isle of Skye, we are now venturing in a warm, peaceful Provence orchard garden basking in the after lunch sun. The bursting flowers and heavy ripen fruits contrast with the somnolence of the garden. Let’s grab bucolic summer dresses in fresh juicy colours with the Candy Floss collection!

Amaia Kids Spring Summer 2019

The Candy Floss collection evokes the sweet taste of childhood’s innocence with soft shades of pink along with some citrus fruity flavours.

The delicate Angela dress, a new girls’ dress designed by Amaia, comes in beautiful citrus hues of Watermelon Pink, Lemon Zest and Raspberry Pink sharpened by embroidery details and a tiny satin decorative bow in Sage Green. Add a matching pink hairbow and girly cotton shoes and your little girl is set for fruits picking and secrets whispered with her best friend wearing the pretty matching Juliet skirt, Amaia’s classic Chelsea top with its pink frilly collar and the new Adeline cardigan in the matching Flamingo pink.

Boys can match too with their siblings with Amaia’s best seller Chickadee shirt coming this season in soft pastel hues.

Amaia Kids Spring Summer 2019

After fruits picking, let’s stay away from the heat and have a rest in Bonne Maman’s veranda or in her cool sitting room.

The Sonia dress, in this beautifully fresh Pink Lemonade fabric with tiny white dots, is an elegant dress for girls with its statement white bow at the back and refined double frilly shoulder sleeves. As most Amaia’s dresses, it is a perfect birthday party dress or a stylish everyday dress.

Amaia Kids Spring Summer 2019

Who can resist a little child’s pure laughter? You know they are up to something when you see such a cute grin! It’s even more irresistible with the adorable Adeline set for baby girls in this Pink Lemonade fabric with tiny white bubbly dots and a frilly white collar with pink embroideries.

Amaia Kids Spring Summer 2019

It’s now time to bake some mouthwatering fruits tart in Bonne Maman’s kitchen with the family’s recipe. All the siblings and cousins gather to contribute to the supper pudding so let’s have a look at a tangy coloured Liberty and a pink linen!

Amaia Kids Spring Summer 2019

Liberty prints are Amaia’s signature, it’s indeed part of the brand’s British roots. Mixed with its Spanish classic children’s clothing heritage, it is what makes Amaia’s style truly unique and identifiable.

This season, Amaia has chosen a very summery and vivid Liberty with shades of Green Lawn, Peach and Strawberry Pink. The stunning Moohren, Amaia’s famous hand smocked dress, has everything you could possibly wish for a little girl’s dress: puff sleeves, a delicate ruffle collar, a statement bow at the back and those exquisite handmade smocks in a pretty Strawberry Pink.

For this season, Amaia introduces a new dress, the Victoria; a more contemporary model of its signature hand smocked dress in this blooming Liberty. Sleeveless with delicate frills around the shoulders and with a distinct hand smocked waist above a flared part, this dress will look flattering and stylish on any girl.

Amaia Kids Spring Summer 2019

Be sure to make an impression with the Snowdrop dress and its absolutely stunning big bow at the back! The juicy Raspberry Pink linen and the contrasting sophisticated large white collar falling at the back make this dress truly ravishing.

Let’s not forget boys! They can wear matching clothes with their sisters with this elegant Mandarin collared shirt in a Bubblegum linen, perfect for casual chic boys.

Amaia Kids Spring Summer 2019

We hope you have enjoyed this afternoon in Provence with this sweet palette of pinks and exquisite floral patterns. Next stop: the Mediterranean Blues!