The Morning Café with Amaia and Ségolène

As Amaia Kids celebrates its fifteenth birthday in 2019, we asked Amaia Arrieta Segolene Tresca a few questions.

We talk about family, their mother’s style and inspirations, the dining table as the family’s headquarters, best and funny memories with Amaia Kids etc.

Amaia Arrieta Segolene Tresca Amaia Arrieta Ségolène Tresca

Could you introduce yourself in a few words?

Amaia - I am Spanish, from San Sebastian. I’m the founder, co-owner and director of Amaia Kids. A long time ago, I worked in financial consulting and M&A. I’m the mother of two teenagers and a 9 years old little girl and I’m married to a French man. I have been living in London for many years.

Ségolène - I am French and was born and grew up in Paris. I lived in New York from 1998 to 2001 before moving to London. I am a happy mum of four beautiful children and I am about to celebrate my 21th anniversary with my husband Arnaud. As a co-founder of Amaia Kids, I am the art director, essentially in charge of the collections and digital contents.

How would you describe the education you give to your children? What sort of Mum are you?

Ségolène - Family comes first and my kids are my best friends. My main goals are to make sure they are joyful, independent, confident and attentive to each other.

Amaia - Family is everything to me, especially as we live in a country where we have no extended family members although we are lucky enough to have truly amazing friends. As a Mum, I’m very Latin: affectionate, passionate, strict in some ways, always present – although sometimes too much if you ask my teenagers! Good moral values, excellent manners, respect, hard work are our family’s values, so I am quite intransigent when these are not respected.

Amaia Arrieta Segolene Tresca

 What is your favourite moment of the day with your children?

Amaia - Dinner time. We all have supper together and everyone shares its day, some more than others, like my daughter Ines who is a real chatterbox.

Ségolène - Always around the table eating a great family meal and sharing stories of our day or playing cards… I think this is probably what life is all about good times around the table.

“Family life is about good times around the table!”

 What is your best memory with your children?

Ségolène – I have so many sweet memories with them, but I would probably say each birth. It was such a magical moment!

Amaia- There are so many, but I think it was the day my third child was born and the older ones came to hospital to meet her for the first time and they said it was the happiest day of their life!

Amaia Arrieta Segolene Tresca

Do you remember any particular garment you wore as a child?

Amaia - My mum used to dress my brother and me alike, but I got to an age where I just found it ridiculous and I did not want to wear my lovely floral print smocked dress anymore as I wanted skinny stripy pants instead… At the end I got both as my grandmother convinced my mum she should start letting it go… The funniest thing is that I did the same with my children, I just hope they won’t complain later!

Ségolène - I remember very fondly my Austrian jackets which were very fashionable in the 80’s in France. That’s how I got the idea to bring them back to the taste of the day and it has been one of our bestsellers for the past two years. We are very honoured that Prince Georges and Princess Charlotte wear them.

“Our mothers were very elegant women and have been an inspiration for us since we were little girls.” 

What was your style as child, how did your mother dress you and how has this influenced you regarding children’s fashion?

Ségolène - My mother dressed me in a classic and traditional way. She even made me some hand smocked dresses with Liberty and Laura Ashley’s fabrics. She used to buy few clothes but well picked. She has always been very elegant and gave me the taste of beautiful things.

Amaia - My mum was a very elegant women and so were my grandmothers. There was a sort of effortless chic style about them. I have always loved my mum’s style so I would go shopping with her and also watch her get ready when she was going out… When I was a little girl, every September we would go to the tailor to get our traditional coat, our “abrigo ingles” as we say in Spanish. The same manufacturer was still up and running when I started Amaia Kids, so the first few seasons we sold the same coats as the ones I was wearing 30 years earlier!

Amaia Arrieta Segolene Tresca Amaia Arrieta Ségolène Tresca

Why did you decide to launch a children fashion brand in 2004?

Amaia - I was expecting my first child and looking for baby clothes. I soon realised that Spain was where I could find the best value for money and where traditional classic craftmanship was still present. So I decided to bring this traditional Spanish clothing heritage to London where you could only find very luxury brands or high street ones and nothing in between.

Ségolène - I’ve always loved children’s clothes, even before I had children myself. Everything stems from our personal vision and willingness to bring a contemporary twist to the clothes we wore and loved. That’s certainly why Amaia Kids’ style is so unique and looks like nothing else.

What are your greatest achievements since 2004?

Ségolène - To be able to design clothes which are timeless, incredibly beautiful, irresistible and appealing to people from all over the world.

Amaia - It is such a joy when I walk in the streets and recognize a little one wearing our brand, it’s just such a unique feeling!

What is your best memory and the funniest situation you have come across in these fifteen years?

Amaia Arrieta Segolene Tresca - each time we receive our new collection; it’s always fascinating to see our clothes coming to life. One of our best memories would be the first visit to the store by the Duchess of Cambridge, it was something special.

Our funniest memory is when one of our customers had her obstetrician’s secretary calling to tell us the gender of the baby so we could put together the necessary items for the baby’s “trousseau” as that customer did not want to find out the baby’s sex before the birth!

“One of our best memories is when the Duchess of Cambridge visited our store for the first time, it was truly special!”

How do you see Amaia’s future?

Amaia - We would love to see our classic, sweet and timeless style expand everywhere of course! My hope and main objective is to preserve our heritage. I feel responsible for keeping traditional clothes workshops alive. I do believe there is a back to source trend which means we value people and their amazing skills, dedication, and perseverance against giant clothes factories with machines.

Ségolène - We hope it will grow and remain successful and fashionable for a very long time. We are exploring new marketplaces, but my main hope is to stay close to our suppliers and their traditional skills and to our customers.

Do you have a favourite item?

Ségolène - This Spring’s Elysian Liberty. It’s the Liberty of my childhood! I am an unconditional fan of our flower prints tops and hand smocked dresses.

Amaia - The Moohren dress because it reflects all that Amaia Kids is about. Chic, easy to wear, beautifully made and understated.

“We would like to say a huge thank you to our clients! Thank you for supporting us through our journey!”

 What would like to say to your clients?

Amaia Arrieta Segolene Tresca - A huge thank you! Thank you for being there, for sharing our values and vision and supporting us through our journey. We would not have made it without you!