When the Easter Bunny meets the Easter Bells

Be ready for a sibling’s harmony this Easter with a selection of utterly cute matching looks!

Spring is finally here as the daffodils are whispering us and Easter holidays are just around the corner!

For me Easter is all about family gathering, many children running wild in blooming gardens, chocolate overdose, scrumptious torrijas with my Spanish grand-mother’s recipe, picking up daisies and playing “He/she loves me, a bit, a lot, passionately, to madness, not at all!”, decorating eggs and enjoying the beginnings of longer and sunnier days.

Easter Traditions

For Easter Sunday, I like perpetuating the old tradition of the Easter Dress: wearing new clothes on that specific day. As we usually celebrate Easter with our whole family and with as much fun as Christmas, it suits the occasion! We inherited this habit of turning Easter from my Spanish grand-mother for whom the Semana Santa was the most important celebration of the year. Our Easter Eggs Hunt is a really serious matter organised by my brother who handles our wild bunch of children and the tons of chocolate to perfection! My French grand-father used to say that all church bells had left on Maundy Thursday for the Vatican and were coming back on Easter Sunday to drop chocolate in gardens. But we also love the British tradition of the Easter Bunny so my children have come up with the very logical story that the bells actually drop the chocolates into gardens which are then hidden quickly by the bunny!

Siblings’ Harmony

This Easter, it won’t come as a surprise for those who have been reading some of my previous posts, I have decided that my little tribe will wear matching clothes! But this time it has a stronger resonance. Indeed, recently we have been experiencing serious sibling’s rivalry between Pumpkin and Poppy. I know we all go through similar phases of family feuds. However, it really did upset me as we teach our children they are a team and we strive to demonstrate them that having siblings is a strength for life. Anyway, we are now on the mend! Just on time to enjoy Easter and show this renewed sibling’s harmony by wearing matching clothes!

Have a peep at my selection of fully matching looks for siblings from Amaia Kids with matching dresses for girls and baby girls, matching shorts for boys and matching rompers for baby boys!

My Favourite Easter Matching Look, The “14th July”

I simply love this playful, fresh blue and white checks with vibrant red details in the colours of the French flag. Add a red knitwear and red accessories for a sharper look or choose blue knitwear with navy accessories for a total blue look!

Easter Matching Looks Amaia Kids

Of course, I could not resist to my favourite dress, the Poppy, in this beautiful vibrant print! The red details around the frilly collar and around the waist enhance the graphic blue and white checks for a stylish look.

 Easter Matching Looks Amaia Kids

For A Sunny Easter

If you are off to a sunny destination, this combination of pink shades will suit all your family. White shorts with long sleeves mandarin collared shirts for boys in a very soft linen, the elegant Camelia dress in the matching linen with a spectacular contrasting white ruffle neck falling into a v-shaped back and a big bow. And for a baby girl, add this irresistible soft pink romper!

Easter Matching Looks Amaia Kids

For a Matching Liberty Sisters Look

Which fabric could personify Easter better than Liberty? For this season Amaia has surpassed itself with two magnificent Libertys, the Elysian and the Spring Hope, originally designed in the 1920’s.

Easter Matching Looks Amaia Kids

The Moohren, Amaia’s signature dress, comes in both Libertys: puff sleeves, delicate girly ruffle collar, statement bow at the back and hand embroidered smock, this is the must have smock dress for little girls!

In the summery and vivid Elysian Liberty you can also find a new exquisite dress for older little girls, the Victoria: sleeveless, delicate frills around the shoulders and hand smocked waist above a flared skirt, this dress is bound to be a new best seller!

Lastly, my favourite dress, the famous Poppy, one of Amaia Kids’ summer best sellers looks divine in the elegant and timeless blue Spring Hope Liberty.

For A Chic Country Easter

This Cherry Tartan, from the Isle of Skye collection, in a light, soft and elegant fabric will be the dream outfit if you are in the country as it is versatile enough for any weather! The baby outfits are utterly cute! The baby girl dress is gorgeous with its white peter pan collar and red piping, puff sleeves and matching culottes (yes you have read this right, “matching culottes”, who could ask for more cuteness?) while the matching baby boy romper is adorable!

Easter Matching Looks Amaia Kids

Easter Matching Looks Amaia Kids

For A Soft Stripy Look

For subtle matching looks, stripes, or checks, are always a good idea as they suit any children.

Here, the striped soft blend of linen and cotton of the elegant long sleeves mandarin collared shirts match the charming Louise dress with stylish red details around the classic collar and around the puffy sleeves for a more modern look. You can play with these outfits colour’s combinations by adding navy, blue or red knitwear and accessories for a new look each time!

Easter Matching Looks Amaia Kids

Easter Matching Looks Amaia Kids

Wishing you a lovely, fun and harmonious Easter!


*Londoner mother of three (a boy “Pumpkin”, a girl “Poppy” and my “Baby”), our contributor loves children’s fashion and sharing motherhood tips.